Elevate your home with stunning spiral and curved staircases.


indoor swimming pool with spiral staircase behind

Image: Spiral UK

A bespoke staircase can really make a home look fabulous. From the sinuous curves of a spiral staircase to classic cantilevered or curved styles, discover how you can put this feature at the heart of your house.

A step in the right direction

Many people are stuck with the stairs that were there when they moved into their house. But one of the benefits of planning your own new build or major renovation is that you can choose a staircase that reflects what you want and put it at the core of your design.

Whether you want a floating staircase tucked away discreetly in the corner, or a dramatic spiral staircase right in the middle of the entrance to your house – making a real statement – you can specify exactly what you want when you opt for the bespoke approach.

Cantilever or floating staircase with timber treads glass balustrade and satin polished stainless steel handrail by Spiral UK

Image: Spiral UK

Let Spiral UK design a sensational staircase, with quality assured

By using experts such as Spiral UK, you can get experienced advice and consultation from the very beginning of your project through to installation and finish. This end to end design approach means that you can choose what you want down to the last detail, and then let Spiral UK manufacture and design your perfect, staircase with quality assured.

Made by master craftsmen, from the finest materials, Spiral UK will ensure that your staircase reflects the ambition of your design.

foyer with three doors and spiral staircase in centre

Image: Spiral UK

A world of options

There are perhaps more bespoke staircase options than you imagined. From the romantic curves of helical and spiral staircases to the floating, cantilever staircase the shape is only the beginning of the choices you’re free to explore.

Curved or helical staircase with stone treads glass balustrade and leather wrapped handrail by Spiral UK

Image: Spiral UK

You can opt for wood, concrete, steel, glass and stunning stone, while handrails range from gleaming stainless steel to luxury leather-clad. Choose your options to blend in with the rest of your interior design or to contrast sharply for maximum effect – whether it’s a glass balustrade, powder-coated metalwork or more. To discover more about the exciting possibilities, download the free Spiral UK Guide to Staircase Design.

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