Meer End can design your dream bespoke staircase

Bespoke joinery and staircases can really lift a home. We look at how you can add a classic or contemporary staircase to your grand design.

By Jennifer Turner | 1 October 2020

Got an idea for a brilliant staircase for your self build? This company can help turn your dream into a reality. 


contemporary wooden staircase with glass balustrades

Image: Meer End

Bespoke joinery promises a product that’s made to measure rather than off-the-peg. Discover the wonder of wood that’s turned to your specifications…

Wood that works

There’s no doubt that a fabulous statement staircase can really take your home to the next level. While people moving into existing houses often have to put up with the stairs they inherit, self builders can bake theirs into the house plans from the very beginning.

For true drama, and style that lasts, bespoke staircases and joinery are the way forward. Master craftsmen can take your ideas and improve upon them, turning the impossible into the possible and enhancing your house in countless ways. By taking this approach, you can have sweeping stairs that are the focal point of a room or, indeed, your entire house.

winding staircase with large window and frames

 Image: Meer End

The only way is up

With over 30 years of experience, Meer End are able to design and build any kind of staircase you can dream up. Their award-winning projects are truly transformative, whether it’s sinuous curved staircases, helical staircases that support themselves or any kind of contemporary staircase. Want to incorporate toughened glass, balustrades, LED lighting? It’s all possible.

Their track record encompasses modern dovetail methods and elliptical staircases, but also classic and traditional styles. Seen something you want recreating? Got an idea you think is too tricky to accomplish? Meer End love a challenge, and they complete all their work in-house.

As you’d expect, the materials used are pure premium, with European, Ash, Maple, Mahogany and American Cherry among the kiln-dried hardwoods to choose from.