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Reaching boiling point

Ditch the kettle and go with the flow for boiling water taps

By Caroline Rodrigues |


Fancy a cuppa? A boiling water tap could be the game changer your kitchen needs. These versatile taps dispense hot and cold water, filtered drinking water and boiling water from one spout. The big plus is that you’ll spend less time waiting for the kettle or a pot of cold water to come to the boil. And the boiling water is useful for ensuring there are no nasty germs lurking on kitchen utensils and cutting boards. At Appliance City you’ll find a range of these taps from top brands such as Quooker, Franke, QETTLE, in colour options from stainless steel to bold gold.

How is the water heated?

A boiling water tap uses an electric element to heat water, storing it in a tank below the sink and dispensing it at 100°C whenever you need it. If you’re worried about space, choose a tap with a small tank – they range from two litres upwards. The tap can easily be fitted into an existing kitchen or installed into a brand new one.

Good to know

Once the tap is installed it’s easy to use, working at the touch of a button or lever. All the boiling water taps supplied at Appliance City have child proof handles or safety buttons, making them much safer to use than a kettle. Though the upfront cost ranges from hundreds of pounds to over £2,000, a boiling water tap costs very little to run. Bear in mind you’ll need to replace filter cartridges and might need to factor in occasional maintenance.

The mark of excellence

Quooker taps are not only beautifully designed, they’re practical, too. The Quooker tank acts as a vacuum flask connected to the water mains. This stores the water at 108°C, and when the tap turns on the flow is at 100°C. As well as Quooker taps, Appliance City stocks a range of accessories from matching soap dispensers to scale control kits to reduce limescale build up. When fitted to a compatible Quooker tap, the CUBE, which connects to a CO2 cylinder, provides both filtered chilled water and sparkling water.

Quality and convenience

Along with Franke’s highly-rated standard taps, Appliance City stocks the Franke Minerva range of electronic 4-in-1 taps, supplying hot and cold water, filtered water and 100°C boiling water in an instant. An intuitive electronic knob illuminates in red to indicate boiling water and turns blue when you twist to select cold filtered water. Plus these taps have a filter warning light function.

Best of British

For a tap that makes a statement, select a QETTLE Signature Modern design. Beautifully engineered from premium stainless steel in the UK these taps come with a lifetime stainless steel guarantee. Within the tap are four, separate waterways and thanks to its multi-patented ingenuity, the main tap function is not dependent on electronic components. For boiling water, remove the safety clip and press down the button on the handle while turning the handle clockwise. For filtered water, simply turn the handle the other way.

Find Out More

Browse the full selection of boiling water taps and wide range of large and small appliances online at Appliance City, or drop by at the showroom, just outside Nottingham. And if you need some expert help, just call 0115 965 1937.