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Truly frameless doors

These ultra-contemporary frameless slide fold and stack doors come designed and expertly crafted

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No other door has the look, the convenience or the functionality of these sleek and contemporary options from Frameless Glass Curtains.

Luxury Frameless Doors

The difference a frameless door makes to your view

  • The only bi-folding door with no visible vertical mullion for the best views
  • Full security and weather certification – the ideal exterior patio door
  • Patented glass edges to your door panels, unlike any other glass unit
  • Low 5mm weather-rated threshold
  • Excellent U-Values to help lower your energy bills

The slimmest door on the market. Other luxury brands boast mullion sightlines of 98mm or even 35mm for a bi-folding door, 30mm or 20mm for a sliding door. This door beats all of these with nothing but a slim gasket and glass edges to your door panels.

It is engineered for even the tallest door panel at 3.0m high. Enjoy even more of your outside and inside spaces with door panels up to 1.3m wide.

They have the look of continuous glass. Fully transparent views are guaranteed. This patented glass design does away with the aluminium edges you find on other doors marketed as frameless. Ingenious structural bonding creates the look of continuous glass.

Minimalist Slide Fold and stacking doors for the perfect outlook

The perfect alternative to conventional aluminium bi-folding or sliding doors. Less aluminium, more light, enhanced functionality and a statement patio door in your home. There is no other patio door like these frameless slide-and-fold doors on the market.

Designed, engineered and made by FGC, the company set out to create a dramatically different door that is more flexible, versatile, and capable than a bifold or sliding door. The doors come with smooth glass edges, no vertical bars obstructing your view and certified security and weather performance. With lower thresholds than other doors and larger glass panels, spectacular views are guaranteed.

Slimmer than even the thinnest sliding doors, tighter and neater stacking than a bifold with the benefit of an all-glass appearance. Taller or wider panels than aluminium doors. The doors look spectacular closed, creating an insulated glass wall. Opening the doors shows how they don’t encroach on your space like other doors while providing enhanced ventilation, practicality and effortless operation.

FGC also provide our frameless double-glazed doors in any RAL colour. With the standard colours being white 9003 and 9010, grey 7015 and 7016 and black 9005.

Bespoke frameless doors

The doors are custom built to your precise dimensions and specifications. From 2 up to 10 or more panels, it is guaranteed to create you a brighter space, enhance views of your outdoors and that desirable smooth transition between your home and garden. Perfect for replacing your dated patio doors or creating a new extension for that perfect setting in your home.

Ultra slim patio doors

The ultra-slim patio doors maximise the glass but minimise the frame. These doors are slimmer than any bifold and more functional than a sliding door, the range of ultra-slim patio doors redefines elegance and functionality.

Designed, tested and made by Frameless Glass Curtains, these brand-new thin-framed patio doors come with the slimmest 60mm sightline at the mullions, nearly half the visible frame of the leading bi-folding doors.

  • The thinnest sightline where the doors meet – just 60mm
  • Tested to PAS24 security, fully sealed, and weather-tested
  • Creates minimalist steel-look patio doors
  • Suits existing or new build openings
  • Matching single and double doors

Larger doors, more glass and better views. Enjoy even better views and more light. With door panels up to 1.0m wide and an impressive 2.5m high, our ultra slim slide, fold and stacking doors give you more glass, more light and a better, brighter room.

With substantially thinner frames than a bifold, our ultra-slim patio doors stack neater together when fully open, revealing more of the available opening. A convenient traffic door for everyday access comes as standard. You can also create useful door gaps for ventilation.

The smallest 60mm sightline for unrivalled views

The styling of the doors, expertly designed, tested and manufactured by FGC, is the most minimal on the market. A slimline surround frame, a lower track, and thinner door rails combine with even thinner vertical frame profiles with a mere 60mm sightline.

The result is a door with more glass, a less visible frame, a cleaner look and beautiful styling. The ultra slim door design gives you the same features as our equally remarkable frameless doors but in a fully framed option.

The most functional and versatile patio door

With its sophisticated slide, fold and stack design, you benefit from the minimalist styling of a sliding door, but better because you have the whole structural opening available when the doors are opened. The doors are more functional than a bifold because they let you place garden or room furniture on either side of the doors – something you can’t do with a regular bifold. In the closed position, the convenient traffic door, built into the design, lets you use your new doors just like a standard door without folding or moving the other panels. You can separate the panels to create ventilation gaps without opening the doors.

Reliable security and weather protection

The doors are thoroughly tested to give you peace of mind and security to the latest PAS24 security standards when specified with laminated safety glass. Advanced weather protection and sealing ensure your home stays warm and dry during the winter. The sophisticated high-specification safety glass units and thermally insulated frames help lower your energy bills and exceed current Building Regulations.

Ultra slim patio doors by Frameless Glass Curtains come with a flawless build quality, fit, and finish, in over 150 professionally applied colours and finished off by contemporary designer door handles.

The advanced glass comprises clear toughened safety glass, Argon gas fill and Planitherm 1, achieving U-Values as low as 1.2Wm2K with a double-glazed unit and an impressive 0.8Wm2K with enhanced triple glazed. When upgraded to laminated glass, our doors have passed PAS24:2022 security testing. Panel sizes of up to 1000mm wide and up to 2500mm high.

60mm sightline between the individual panes, consisting of 2 x 26mm aluminium profiles on each door and an 8mm grey PVC bubble gasket. The low threshold option has just a 5mm weather tight threshold. A steel-look version is available using 31mm astragal bars.

Choose from single or double doors creating minimalist side or back doors, or the slide and fold design from three to eight panels, including fixed or open corner designs. And because only FGC designs, makes, fits and supports their products, you’re promised a personal service, a professional installation and quality guaranteed.

Visit the FGC Showroom

You can now visit our showroom in Strood, Kent. The full range of Frameless products is on display in wide variety of configurations. To avoid overcrowding, we request that you contact us to make an appointment before visiting.

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