Large turnkey garden room by offpod

A turnkey garden office solution

Need a garden room or annexe quickly? A turnkey solution may be your best bet

Promotional Feature By Staff writer | 16 May 2022

Garden rooms have seen a huge boost in popularity, and a turnkey garden office pod can be the ideal solution for those looking for extra space quickly.

With more time spent at home during the pandemic, and the shift to remote and hybrid working permanent for many, a garden room that can be used as a home office or gym has become essential.

There are plenty of options to choose from, but a turnkey garden office pod with steel-frame construction delivers fast results and quality that lasts.

OffPOD offers steel-frame constructions designed to your exact requirements, combining the best of bespoke with a swift modular build that means you don’t need to wait months for your new garden office pod.

A turnkey garden office solution

As well as garden office pods, OffPOD offers turnkey solutions for garden rooms, annexes and home extensions, meaning everything is handled for you. A turnkey solution means that one company deals with everything, from plans to construction and finishing touches. The OffPOD turnkey solution includes the following:

  • architectural drawings to your specifications, so there is no need to seek a separate architect for your design
  • computer-aided designs (CAD) to show you exactly what the finished product will look like long before any building work starts
  • planning permission – usually, planning permission is not needed when it comes to garden rooms. Annexes and home extensions may be different, however, but OffPOD will deal with this and ensure any building regulations are complied with
  • light demolition – if you’ve chosen the perfect site for your new addition, OffPOD will clear it ready for construction
  • finishing touches – from the plastering to the electrics, nothing is subcontracted out
garden office pod by offpod

Photo: OffPOD

Modular, steel-frame construction

With modular construction, the building components are constructed off-site and then transported as a completed component to the site. This means construction is swift and relatively nondisruptive compared to an onsite build.

Combine that with OffPod’s steel-frame construction method, and you have garden rooms, annexes, and home extensions that offer real longevity, trumping the durability of timber and concrete frames. But there are further benefits to steel-frame construction, including:

  • less mess – steel frames are manufactured off-site, meaning less cutting and drilling, less mess and less chance of your home resembling a building site
  • resistance to mould – unlike other materials, steel is not porous, so there’s no vulnerability to mould or mildew
  • no insect worries – there’s no need to worry about woodworm or any other kind of infestation
  • less fire risk – steel is not combustible and so doesn’t add to the fire load of a building
  • built to last – the key advantage of steel-frame construction is a structure that lasts
steel frame structure of a turnkey garden office pod

Photo: OffPOD