Bedroom technology worth investing in

Looking to bring more technology into your home to make life a little easier? We've put together a list of innovative bedroom technology.

By Becca Green | 26 September 2019

Turn your bedroom into a smart hub with the latest bedroom technology.

gabriel beaudry opener - bedroom technology your home needs - home improvements -

Image: Gabriel Beaudry 

Life can be hectic and we are constantly looking for ways to save time and cram more into our busy schedules – and introducing technology to our homes is a great solution.

The bedroom should be a place of relaxation and a space to unwind, so we’ve put together a list of the best technology for your bedroom that will improve your daily life.

Koble smart bed, £649

koble smart bed - bedroom technology your home needs - home improvements -

Image: Koble

Update your bedroom with the Koble Reclina Smart Bed. Available in double or king size, the upholstered bed frame features wireless charging pockets on both sides, so you don’t need to worry about a spare plug or where to charge your phone. You can also connect your smartphone to the Bluetooth speakers hidden in the headboard and start your day on a positive note.

The bed also features motion sensor LED underbed lights, which means getting up during the night is no longer a trip hazard.

VQ Lark DAB radio, £89.99

lark alarm clock - bedroom technology your home needs - home improvements -

Image: VQ 

The Lark features DAB digital and FM radio and is a stylish, compact bedside radio and clock. It comes in a choice of premium fabric wraps with contemporary grey or charcoal options and is also available as a limited edition in partnership with the RSPB.

It offers a dual alarm clock with adjustable sleep and snooze timers, there’s also dual USB charging ports to power-up your phone while you sleep.

Lista smart side table, £249

lista side table - bedroom technology your home needs - home improvements -

Image: Furniture Village

This has to be one of our favourite smart home products, it’s a smart side table that charges your phone. The Lista side table is a combination of sleek design and smart technology, which makes it perfect for those that want to create an intergrated smart home.

You’ll find Bluetooth speakers, two USB ports an AUX port and wireless charging capabilities, all built in.

Mpow fitness and sleep tracker, £30

mpow fitness tracker - bedroom technology your home needs - home improvements -

Image: Amazon

As well as being a fitness tracker, this affordable smart watch can also monitor your sleep quality including deep or light sleep hours, awake hours and history sleep data.

You can also set different alarm clocks in the app and it will vibrate to wake you up or remind you to do an excerise.

Philips hue filament collection, from £17.99

philips bulb - bedroom technology your home needs - home improvements -

Image: Philips

Philips has recently launched a new vintage style filament collection. Reminiscent of traditional Edison-style bulbs, the smart LED lights allow you to easily create the perfect ambience.

Effortlessly set the mood in your bedroom with the collection’s warm white light and installation-free wireless dimming.