Built-in storage: a buyer’s guide

Planning to incorporate bespoke built-in storage in your home? Explore these clever joinery ideas

By Andrea Manley | 23 January 2020

From sleek shelves to fitted cupboards, built-in furniture that slots perfectly into a space is an investment worth making.

Bespoke storage solutions will exploit tricky room proportions and dimensions, turning a negative aspect into a beneficial asset. High ceilings, awkward corners, lofts and staircases can all be transformed by clever joinery.

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Photo: Go Modern

What is bespoke built-in storage?

Engaging a joiner or furniture maker to produce a specially made design can work in different ways. It might involve modifying an existing piece to change details such as its dimensions or the finish. Or it could instead mean commissioning something entirely new.

In terms of design, construction and detail, bespoke furniture and fittings command a premium price but you will end up with something completely unique, made to your precise requirements and that fits seamlessly. Alternatively, there are less expensive options such as custom-made modular furniture ranges that can be fitted to your space.

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Photo: Neville Johnson