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Luxurious floors with the stamp of excellence

Wood, vinyl and laminate flooring that makes the grade

By Caroline Rodrigues |

It’s on show everywhere in your home so premium quality flooring is an absolute must for any new build, refurbishment or renovation project. Since the launch of its laminate floors over 40 years ago Quick-Step has constantly innovated. Now the range includes laminate, vinyl and wood providing more choice than ever.

Natural beauty

Bringing nature into our homes will always have an uplifting effect on our wellbeing. There’s no better way to do so than with a beautiful wood plank floor or even an on-trend herringbone design such as Quick-Step’s Disegno. It’s good to know when picking wood flooring that we are also making a responsible choice. Quick-Step wood flooring uses only wood from sustainably managed forests. Its high-density fibreboard core is made entirely of recovered wood. And thanks to Wood for Life technology, the flooring is easier to care for, as there’s no place in the edges and grain patterns for dirt, dust and moisture to hide.

Wood in the bathroom

With Quick-Step wood floors, you can say yes to the natural charm of wood flooring in any room, even the bathroom, where you might have previously picked vinyl flooring. Quick-Step’s first waterproof wood floor, Cascada, is finished with a durable coating, preventing any splashes or moisture from seeping into the wood.

Versatile vinyl

Big on flexibility, vinyl flooring lends itself to any room in the home. The comfort, quiet, warmth and elegance of Quick-Step’s Alpha Vinyl wood and stone designs are down to surface technology, which ensures the vinyl planks and tiles are the most natural looking to date. From the knots and grains of wood to the fissures of stone, Alpha Vinyl reproduces nature’s original details to perfection.

Practical benefits

Alpha Vinyl is a multi-layered rigid floor that can withstand anything. As well as being 100% waterproof, the vinyl planks and tiles come with an attached underlay that makes them easy to install. Quick-Step’s Unizip ensures that herringbone patterns such as Ciro are fast to fit. The high quality underlay also makes the floor quieter in use, so whichever Alpha Vinyl you choose, it will be whisper quiet.

Lasting laminates

If durability and practicality are high on your shopping list, consider Quick-Step’s waterproof laminate floors. These superior, technically-advanced floors have a natural look and feel and are scratch resistant, stain resistant and waterproof.

Go with the grain

In particular, Capture wood-effect laminate flooring has a surface with 20 times the texture of any other laminate. Since every grain, marking and knot of real wood is accurately copied, the wood effects look and feel just like the real thing. There are stone designs on offer, too, such as Muse. Beneath the surface Quick-Step’s laminate flooring uses recovered wood for its high-density wood fibreboard, giving a second life to wood and locking in carbon.

Find out more

Whether you want a refined laminate, vinyl or wood floor for your project, you can browse a multitude of designs online at Quick-Step. Quick-Step is a quality flooring brand available in over 100 countries, produced by UNILIN.