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Cook smarter with a superbly designed oven and hob or range cooker from Smeg

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When planning a new kitchen, the appliances are just as important as the cabinets. Whether you love to entertain or concentrate more on family meals, a top-performing oven and hob or cooker makes life so much easier. Among the vast appliance range from Smeg you’ll find everything from built-in ovens to coffee makers. What’s more, these appliances are flexible enough to adapt to your way of cooking and have impeccable Italian styling. You can confidently choose across the Smeg range and be sure your appliances will look and perform beautifully.

A statement cooker

If you’re including an open-plan kitchen living area for a new-build house or extension, you’ll have space to play with. Instead of an oven and hob, you could opt for a statement range cooker, which will make the kitchen the heart of your home. Smeg’s Portofino CPF120IGMPT range cooker has the look of professional kitchen appliances. At 120cm wide, it includes an induction hob, three gas burners – including one ultra-rapid burner – and an electric teppanyaki plate for delicious Asian-style grilling. Beneath the hob is a multifunction oven with Direct Steam technology, and a pyrolytic oven. It also has a food temperature probe for perfectly cooked meats and other dishes.

blue range cooker in blue kitchen with large exposed extractor fan

Photo: Smeg

Super practical hob

The best of today’s hobs are fast, flexible and energy efficient. Choose the Smeg HOBD682D1 induction hob and the extractor is integrated so you won’t have to put up with overhead ducting. This powerful, quiet 80cm hob can be fitted flush or with an ultra-low profile. Its MultiZone feature lets you use it as two independent cooking zones or combined into a single zone. Each zone automatically adapts to the size and position of the pans, for better heat distribution and no energy wastage. This hob’s powerful motor is super efficient yet quiet.

modern electric hob with down-draft extractor fan

Photo: Smeg

Precision baking

As any cook knows, the hob and oven deserve equal recognition. For baking bread, producing effortless cakes or roasting a Sunday dinner, an oven needs to be precise and adaptable. Finished with a stylish copper trim, the Smeg SOP6604TPNR Dolce Stil Novo pyrolytic single oven boasts smart cooking programmes that balance function, temperature and time for perfect results. It will even store the settings for your favourite recipe. A powerful fan and innovative air flow patterns allow for great heat distribution and even browning results. The oven includes an integrated food thermometer for precise cooking and a self-cleaning pyrolytic function avoids the hassle of oven cleaning.

stylish extractor fan above contemporary stone kitchen island with wooden breakfast bar

Photo: Smeg

Flexible cooking

To combine conventional cooking with microwaves, select the Smeg Classic SO6302M2X oven. By combining traditional cooking with microwaves you can save up to 40% on cooking times without losing any quality. SpeedwaveXL ovens also include a number of features designed to achieve the very best results; inverter technology cooks with microwaves in a more gradual and consistent way, and Stirrer technology evenly distributes microwaves so a turntable is no longer necessary. The oven will even soften ice cream or gently melt chocolate.

sleek chrome oven and discreet hob in minimalist kitchen with neutral colour scheme

Photo: Smeg

Cook smart

Join the cooking revolution with the Smeg Galileo collection. Featuring new technology exclusive to Smeg, the top of the range Dolce Stil Novo Omnichef SO6606APNR oven acts as three appliances in one, since it also has steam and microwave functions. This doesn’t just save on space, it’s convenient too, as the combined functions will, for example, effortlessly cook a chicken to perfection in 30 minutes, allowing you more time to spend with your guests. Use the multistep function for up to three stages of cooking with different methods, temperatures and times. And with Smart cooking, you can select from 150 automatic recipes. Simply choose a dish, select the weight and the oven works out the best way to cook it, with accurate temperatures and timings.

hi-tech oven, hob and extractor fan in modern kitchen with sage green cabinets

Photo: Smeg

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