A Wabi Sabi-inspired timber work cabin
Wabi Sabi garden office pod

A Wabi Sabi-inspired timber work cabin

This sculptural garden office is a meditative space for working from home

By Hugh Metcalf |

In collaboration with the NewArtCentre, this self-contained office space is the first in a series of multifunctional work spaces by British design studio Koto. 

Wiltshire-based NewArtCentre, perhaps best known for its outdoor sculpture park, commissioned Johnathon Little, Zoe Little and Theo Dales, co-founders of British design studio Koto, to create a sculptural cabin – part art, part functional work space. 

It’s a critical moment in the work-from-home conversation – with many more people will be looking to make more permanent adaptations to their home to allow for dedicated workspace going forward. 

Take a look this concept – the first in a series of designs – which will be available at various sizes and price points. 

black charred wood work cabin office - grand designs

Photo: Edvinas Bruzas

Sculptural form 

The concept behind the work space was that it should be able to sit alongside sculptures by the likes of Richard Deacon and Michael Craig Martin, and the distinct geometric form took many hours of detailing working with Koto’s fabricators. 

The exterior is a charred timber, drawing on traditional Japanese technique of yakisugi and design philosophy Wabi Sabi – looking for the beauty in imperfection. 

‘Wabi-sabi is the perfect remedy to today’s hectic pace and obsession with perfectionism,’ explains Dales.

Connection to nature

Aiming to create a space that’s contemplative, meditative and allows focus, the work space has large glazing on one side only, allowing you to orientate it to the more inspiring view in your outdoor space. 

It will be available both on and off-grid, allowing flexibility with placement of the cabin. 

Prices for the Koto x NewArtCentre work space start from £26,000.

glazed side to charred wood work cabin - grand designs

Photo: Edvinas Bruzas