This feathered edge wooden garden building was built in red cedar around a silver birch. Photo: Tim Crocker

Garden office ideas: 10 inspiring self-builds

Considering a garden office? These self-build projects are inspirational

By Caroline Rodrigues | 30 June 2021

Working from home in a busy household? Then a bespoke garden office may sound pretty attractive right now. Check out these garden office ideas to inspire you to take the plunge with a self-build project…

Working from home is a concept under the microscope right now. While many businesses have been moving towards flexible and remote working options for some time, enforced time spent doing so due to the coronavirus pandemic is sure to raise a wider conversation as more workers and businesses experience it first hand.

If it’s something you’re seriously considering post-social distancing, finding room for an office in your home if you don’t have one already may be top of your agenda, and self-building a garden office is an attractive solution, helping to maintain a separation between your work and home life.

For inspiration as to just how a garden office might work for you, take a look at these 10 garden office ideas…

1. Pink plywood box office

This garden office was built as part of the remodelling of a London flat. Pink plywood forms the walls, ceiling, desk and storage units, while a large corner window above the desk provides views of the garden and towards the main house. The studio cost £36,000, not including the consultant fees, from RISE Design Studio.

Wooden garden office building with window by RISE Design Studio

Photo: RISE Design Studio

Garden office interior with bespoke wooden desk and fittings by RISE Design Studio

Photo: RISE Design Studio

2. Cork-clad studio

Spanning almost the entire width of this north London garden, architects Surman Weston created a shared work and studio space with a pocket door that opens up the space to the outside. The exterior of the block has been clad in textured cork sheets, while a wild flower planted roof also houses a large rooflight to fill the space with natural light.

Birch plywood lines the interior walls and floors of this garden office. Bespoke furniture has been crafted from the same material and cantilevered from the walls. It cost £45,000 to design and build.

Garden office clad in textured cork sheets by Surman Weston

Photo: Wai Ming Ng

Garden office clad in textured cork sheets and fitted with bespoke wooden shelving by Surman Weston

Photo: Wai Ming Ng

3. The feathered edge timber structure

This bespoke garden office studio by Mustard Architects is in the corner of a north London garden and was designed to wrap around a silver birch. It is clad in western red cedar, which will grey over time, and the top has a feathered edge to avoid a hard line. Split windows offer views across the garden, as well as plenty of natural light – a must for the owner, who uses this space to paint. It cost £75,000.

Wooden garden building exterior at 5 Mustard Park Avenue

Photo: Tim Crocker

Garden building office with wooden interior by Mustard architects

Photo: Tim Crocker

4. The garage conversion

Architect Neil Cooke converted his garage into a garden office at his home in Bessacarr, Doncaster, extending the building to form the porch and installing a new roof. Once new framing was fitted with marine ply, a wrap of EPDM rubber roofing was applied, and well-seasoned white oak laths were added, spanning right across the glazing. The 19 sqm office cost £48,000. Full planning permission was required as the structure is 3m high externally to create more head height (only 2.5m is allowed under permitted development).

Home office by NCA Architects, Doncaster, converted from a garage, costing £48,000 (

Photo: Andrew Kelly

A garage converted into a home office by NCA Architecture

Photo: Andrew Kelly