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Transform outdoor spaces with string lights

Add sparkle to your garden with exterior lighting that sets the mood for year-round entertaining

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Hanging a row of outdoor string lights brings a warm glow to parties, weddings, events or simply when relaxing at home. When the summer’s over, there’s no need for the fun to stop, as these lovely lights are versatile enough to work their magic all year round, looking just as beautiful when viewed from the house.

When planning a garden lighting scheme, pair string lights with other outdoor lighting. Lighting specialist Lighting Legends has a host of outdoor plug-in, solar & festive lights to choose from.

outdoor string lighting around the fence of a large garden with raised terrace

Photo: Lighting Legends

Lead the way

Setting up a row of LED plug-in waterproof warm white heavy duty outdoor string lights from Lighting Legends along a pathway extends a special invitation to your guests. Attached to a wall or running along the top of a fence, outdoor string lights aren’t just decorative. They will also illuminate the pathway, making a safer route to lead guests to your door.

Entertain in style

As dusk falls, outdoor string lights are the magical way to light a garden dining set. When stringing them above a table, try a test run at several heights, to make sure that seated diners can see each other clearly without being dazzled. The lower you set them, the more intimate the results, though they’ll also look great strung in the trees above.

outdoor string lighting along a driveway in the woods

Photo: Lighting Legends

Enhance your garden design

For truly inspiring effects, use string lights creatively in the garden. They can emphasise the architectural shapes of bare tree branches in winter, or be wrapped around tree trunks. Although large shrubs clothed in dark foliage can appear as plain masses when dusk falls, string lights will bring them to life.

Highlight structures

If your garden has a pretty summerhouse, a gazebo, arch or other structure, outdoor string lights will instantly transform it. The lights also look great draped along the back of a house, or around the edge of an extension.

Which lights should I choose?

Energy efficient outdoor LED lights are ideal for garden use, since they use minimal electricity. You’ll need lights with an IP65 rating that ensures they’re safe, even in wet weather. LED plug-in waterproof warm white heavy duty outdoor string lights from Lighting Legends are designed to withstand both hot and cold weather. They come with warm white LED filament bulbs (2700K) to set a warm tone that’s just right for events and parties. The durable, shatter-proof, replaceable bulbs have an A++ Energy Rating and an average lifespan of 30,000 hours.

festoon lighting illuminating an entire residential street

Photo: Lighting Legends

How can I use my string lights?

Just use the hanging loops to attach them and plug them in. These lights come fitted with a slimline UK plug socket that will fit inside a standard outdoor sealed waterproof socket without a transformer. They’re available in multiple lengths and prices start from just £49.99. It’s easy to join sets together, a maximum of 550m can be plugged in using just one socket. Lighting Legends also sells a wide range of accessories and extension cables to extend lights around the largest gardens. The lights come with a 12-month warranty and 30-day returns policy as well as Free UK delivery on all online orders.

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