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Create a DIY scheme with smart LED light strips

Colourful LEDs and smart tech join forces to create amazing effects and animations

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Do you want a lighting scheme that does more? Let your imagination roam free with LED decorative lights. Technology has advanced enough to offer flexible lighting solutions that can be moved around whenever you fancy a change. Not only that, they can be linked to an app so that you can change the colour and patterns of your lighting to suit your mood. Plus, you can sync your lights to music.

LED decorative lights wrapped around mirrors, coffee tables and running along a skirting board

Photo: Twinkly

Create your own light art

LED decorative lights from Twinkly allow you to unleash your inner light artist. Twinkly Dots is a miniaturised, flexible 3m string of LEDs with flat matte heads for impressive brightness levels. Arrange the lights in any pattern you like; set them out on the wall to create a geometric freestyle shape, or wrap them around an object in the room.

Individual LEDs can be mapped and controlled like a 2D or 3D screen for unique effects such as colour gradients, complex scenes and animations. Control them from your smartphone or without lifting a finger by using a voice control assistant. Grouped with further strings or other Twinkly products, your LED decorative lights can create large, synchronised installations.

Create your own version of cool neon lighting advertising signs with Twinkly Flex decorative lighting, a flexible 2m LED light tube. It can be bent and coiled to form a written message, or shaped to form a cocktail glass or an iconic pair of lips. The colour is entirely up to you; as with other Twinkly products, the lights are individually controlled via an app and can create customisable effects.

light art created with smart led lights

Photo: Twinkly

Create mood lighting

Adding that finishing touch to a room is easy with Twinkly Line. This adhesive, magnetic 1.5m LED light strip, finished in black, can outline doorways or wardrobes, highlight a headboard or run along the wall beneath kitchen wall cabinets. For a subtle effect, fix a strip behind a sofa to mood-light the surrounding wall. Twinkly Line can be extended to three metres, using an extension kit.

DIY neon light art created with Twinkly smart led lights

Photo: Twinkly

Sync your lights with music

Fancy an evening in with your favourite tunes? Connect your LED decorative lights to the Twinkly Music USB microphone and they will dance along to the music. The system uses algorithms to decode the sound source and identify the musical elements to create a combined audio-visual experience. The lights can even be set to enhance your gaming experience while you battle for success – ideal for an immersive gaming experience.

And then there’s Christmas – create your own bespoke smart Christmas tree light scheme within the app. Using a unique patented mapping technology, Twinkly will scan your tree to map the position of every light bulb, effectively turning them into a pixel that you can control – choose from pre-made effects, download new ones and even edit the parameters.

programmable smart Christmas tree lights in blue, pink and purple

Photo: Twinkly

The set up

The lights come with a smart controller, a power adapter with USB connector and a control panel with dimmer, timer and brightness controls. Once you connect the decorative lighting using the App Store or Google Play you can select pre-made effects from the gallery or download new ones. Several sets of lights in a room can be controlled together as long as they’re connected to the same WiFi network and have the same LED profile. The FX Wizard lets you design your own multi-layered effects from scratch.

Find out more

Visit twinkly.com to discover even more possibilities with LED decorative lights.