Home office by NCA Architects, Doncaster, converted from a garage, costing £48,000 (see n-c-a.co.uk)

How to get wi-fi in the garden office

Get connected with Peter Mortin, national sales manager at Crane Garden Buildings

By Peter Mortin | 27 July 2021

The most important element of a functional garden office is good wifi. But how do you stay connected at the bottom of the garden? Here, an expert shares his tips on how to get wifi in the garden office… 

Lead image: Photo by Andrew Kelly for Neil Cooke Architects (n-c-a.co.uk)

The distance the office is from your house and how intensively you’ll be using the internet determine how complex a wifi set up you’ll need and whether any cabling should be installed during construction. Speak to your building supplier for advice.

Consider a wifi booster for your garden office. Wifi extenders, which boost the wireless signal from your home’s router, are only effective within a relatively short range (around 30m), and the signal deteriorates the further it has to reach. This is one of the cheaper options, but it may not be the most reliable.

A powerline extender makes use of the electrical wiring between your home and the garden office. You’ll need to plug a powerline adapter into an electrical socket at each location. The set-up is easy, so you shouldn’t need any IT assistance.

Home office by Photo: Crane Garden Buildings

The Holt Studio by Crane Garden Buildings

An ethernet cable is the most secure way of achieving fast, reliable wifi in your garden office. A qualified electrician can lay an ethernet cable along with the power cables while connecting your home and office.

Wifi PTP (point to point) is like a wifi booster but more reliable as it supplies a high-speed connection over longer distances. You will likely need assistance installing the units unless you have some IT knowledge.