Small bathroom design ideas to save space

From savvy storage ideas, to compact fittings and units, here's how to maximise space

By Jenny Mcfarlane | 31 January 2018

Small bathrooms tend to come up short on natural light, storage and a practical layout, with items located where they fit rather than where they work best. But careful planning and space-saving designs can overcome all these issues.

Smart storage, slimline furniture and a well-planned layout are key to a successful bathroom scheme. Read on for top ideas for optimising the space in your bathroom…

Start with a winning design

The most effective way to free up space is by considering the size, style and position of your bath, shower, basin and loo. The location of the soil stack, pipework and radiators will determine where you can position sanitaryware, so make this a planning priority.

Do you want a shower or a bath, or would you like to include both? A standard tub measures around 170cm long, but a compact design can be as little as 140cm. Placement is key – one option is to site the bath across the width of the room, highlighting it with LEDs.

Your bathroom door can be rehung to open outwards or swapped for a sliding version if limited floor space is an issue. This works especially well if you’re updating an existing bathroom.

BetteStarlet Oval Silhouette bath in a small bathroom with separate shower

Freestanding baths can often be set at an angle to maximise the space in an awkwardly shaped room. Twin with a walk-in shower for the best of both worlds. BetteStarlet Oval Silhouette 150cm freestanding bath, around £4,776, Bette