Transform your home with smart hi-tech roof blinds

The latest rooflight blinds combine SMART controls with no maintenance or cleaning. We shine some light on them…

By Jennifer Turner | 16 August 2020

Take charge of your home’s natural light electric – and smart-controlled roof blinds.


 hand holding remote control for ceiling window blind

Image: Roofglaze

Light can really make a house feel like a home and having control over the light coming into your house is vital. We take a look at electric rooflight blinds with smart features that put you in charge…

The light brigade

half closed roof blind on ceiling window

Image: Roofglaze

It doesn’t matter if you’re building a house from the foundation up, or undertaking a major renovation, light is a key consideration. From the placing of windows to the position of lighting, you’ll have a clear idea of where you desire illumination and where you don’t.

Sometimes, the place for windows to take best advantage of the sun is out of reach, making light and temperature control difficult. Which is where integral electric rooflight blinds come in…