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Home automation can make homes more secure, entertainment easier to access and life smoother. We take a look at the latest innovations

By Jennifer Turner | 19 October 2020

Take a look at the latest smart solutions for your home, designed with modern, hassle-free living in mind.


open plan room with sofas piano and wall mounted television

Image: CAI Vision

Home automation experts specialise in smart solutions that make your home a pleasure to live in. Whether that’s adding a touch of luxury, making it a safer place to live or saving you time on everyday tasks, here’s what they can do for you…

Automatic for the people

Lifestyle technology has come a long way. Once upon a time, gadgets were hit-and-miss and time-saving devices took more time to learn to use than they’d actually save you. CAI Vision, however, have been experts in systems design since 1973 and know how to install the very best solutions to enhance your home.

man and woman watching television in open plan home

Image: CAI Vision

Making the complex simple

One of the benefits of using experts such as CAI Vision is that not only can they help you to install products that make life simpler, they also do it in a way that makes them easy to use thanks to exemplary smart home systems design.

Whether you’re wanting a home cinema room with immersive audio, motorised curtains and blinds, a thorough home security system or automated heating systems to keep your family snug and warm, we offer high quality systems which redefine modern living and put you fully in control of your home.