How automation can help your home’s tech work together in harmony

Discover the benefits of a home automation system for automatically controlling heating, lighting, security and more...

By Hugh Metcalf | 29 June 2020

When it comes to automating your home, choose a system that can bring unity to different technologies, saving you time and your home energy.


Top Image: Loxone 

The modern homeowner is bringing more and more technology into the home. However, while add-on smart home tech providers abound, there’s another way to automate functions such as lighting, heating, multimedia, entry and security that are better intertwined into the fabric of a property…

Why automate?  

More than just a trend or a novelty, there are plenty of benefits to installing a home automation system, whether you’re self-building or looking to retro-fit your home. Because you’re able to set systems to operate automatically, you’ll not only save time on everyday tasks, but you’ll also be able to contribute to the energy efficiency of your home. 

For example, your automated system would be able to register a rise in temperature on a sunny day and employ automatic shading to help keep the room cool before the space becomes overheated. 

kitchen showroom with smart tech home automation

Image: Loxone 

In total control 

While you need to set up off-the-shelf devices yourself and try to adapt them to work for your space while ensuring the different devices work together, Automate installs Loxone, which is a complete control system that takes care of automating everything in the home according to your requirements.

And, unlike many smart tech devices, the brains of the system are in the building, not in the cloud, offering you peace of mind that your data is safe and if the internet fails, your home doesn’t.

Loxone products make the most of the space they take up too, operating with multiple functions, such as light switches with built-in temperature sensors and motion sensors that can manage automatic lighting as well as monitor for intruders.