Spacious architect-designed homes that don’t blow the budget

Large bespoke eco homes are more cost-effective than you think

Promotional Feature By Alice Butler | 13 September 2021

Designing your dream home and don’t want to scrimp on space? It’s worth knowing that large bespoke eco homes don’t have to cost a fortune. Here’s why…

beautiful eco house in the country with wraparound balcony and views over wildflower fields

Image: Meisterstueck Haus UK

Large eco homes can be economical

Due to economies of scale, large bespoke eco homes offer excellent value for money, especially when using the system perfected by German eco-house builder Meisterstueck-HAUS. Combining an air-tight and well-insulated construction together with the latest eco heating and ventilation technologies, Meisterstueck-HAUS has proved that the running costs of a generous eco home are accessible.

Meisterstueck-HAUS’s build system can be adapted to almost any large bespoke eco design, whichever your preferred style of architecture. For example, external walls can be finished in render, wood cladding or brick slips. Roofs can be pitched or flat. And for peace of mind, only eco-friendly products and materials are used in its spacious homes. Moreover, Meisterstueck-Haus’s quality houses are built to last – discover more of its designs here.

two storey budget eco build with white walls and coloured cladding

Image: Meisterstueck Haus UK

Your dream modern home, your way

Large bespoke eco homes make a striking statement so it’s important to get the design just right. Meisterstueck-HAUS has pioneered a contemporary closed-panel build system as well as a beautiful modern post and beam style. The latter blends a timeless timber frame with expansive glazing for a stunning contemporary look. For example, this impressive post and beam house near Cirencester makes the most of its stunning location with over-sized panoramic windows.

modern eco build in the countryside with completely glazed front

Image: Meisterstueck Haus UK

Alternatively, a combination of post and beam with a closed panel system makes for a stunning large bespoke eco home. This house on the Thames was tailor-made to slot into a narrow plot.

Image: Meisterstueck Haus UK

Once you’ve decided on the design of your large bespoke eco home, all Meistersteuck-HAUS needs is a set of floor plans and elevations and it can provide you with a fixed price for your project. This is valid for one year once the contract is signed and confirmed. As well as being able to build almost any style of bespoke architecture, Meistersteuck-HAUS specialises in standard designs including bungalows and two-storey homes. These range from approximately 100 sq m to 200 sq m. Any design can be adapted to suit your needs.

single storey Meisterstueck Haus with wrap-around windows and white paint finish

Image: Meisterstueck Haus UK

Want a first-hand experience of what it’s like to live in an architect-designed home? Clients are welcome to stay overnight in the Box show home when visiting the factory in Hamlin, Germany. This is the perfect chance to discuss your project with the technical team and to take a guided tour of the fascinating factory.

two storey Meisterstueck Haus home painted white and with lights glowing on dark night

Image: Meisterstueck Haus UK

Bigger means better value 

It doesn’t matter how sizeable your bespoke eco home, Meisterstueck-HAUS believes in delivering outstanding quality and service at realistic prices. Shell houses, depending on design and complexity, start from £1,300 per sq m for a basic closed insulated panel design. A modern post and beam build is priced from around £1,600 per sq m.

The complete package – including groundworks, shell house and internal fit-out starts from £2,200 per sq m for a closed insulated panel system. A post and beam design costs from £2,600 per sq m.

For more information, or to discuss your project, please visit or call 0845 003 1383