Slot drain
Aquabocci slot drains on an expansive external terrace

High performance slot drains for design-led projects

These slim, unobtrusive drains will whisk away excess water in a flash

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Drainage is an important part of finishing a new build or renovation project. While function is paramount, there’s no need to sacrifice a sleek, stylish finish. Innovations in technology mean a high performance slot drain can still offer an elegant solution to the problem of surface water.

What is a slot drain?

A slot drain is a drainage channel with a narrow top entry. Its super slim grate is designed to sit a few millimetres below the finished floor level so that the water can pass over the stone slabs or tiles and down through the grate into the PVC channel below. Because it sits low, it’s not only discreet, it’s also unlikely to get damaged.

The Blade-T External Slot Drain is available in 4 grate colours to crate a minimal look for your project

What are the outdoor solutions?

You’ll find slot drains everywhere, from swimming pools to patios and balconies. Specialist company Aquabocci has elegant solutions for every surface. The Blade-T External Drain offers a seamless solution – all you’ll see is the glint of the grate. The Blade-T has one very unique feature, it is a low profile slot drain which can fit within the tile bed making it perfect for balconies and areas where you have limited build up. If you have patio doors to contend with, the R-47 X Blade Threshold Drain, winner of a Red Dot Product Design Award, allows a flush finish from inside to out. There’s also the Blade Pivot Drain, designed to swish away the water from beneath a swing door.

outdoor swimming pool flush threshold slot drain

The Blade-T swimming pool drain is the slimmest of Aquabocci’s swimming pool drains

What about my shower room?

A slot drain is an innovative solution to water spray from a shower – however powerful it is. For example, the Aquabocci Blade Shower Kit can be installed along the back wall of your shower room and across the shower entry, removing the need for a shower screen, for an open, spacious spa-like feel. The Blade grate creates a slot in your shower floor allowing the water to flow away between the tiles in the most minimal way possible.

Aquabocci’s Blade Shower Kit, creates a minimal slot in the tiles for the water to drain

Am I limited to one colour?

Not at all. Aquabocci slot drains are a favourite of architects and designers looking to give a project high-spec designer finish. Select a coloured anodised grate in Titanium, GT Silver, Black or Champagne to match your floor finish or bathroom brassware.

Aquabocci slot drain products offer versatility and a great colour selection

Aquabocci slot drain products offer versatility and a great colour selection

Is a slot drain efficient?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking a slot drain won’t cope as well as a standard channel drain. Despite being narrow, it’s designed to deal with water efficiently. If need be, you can easily increase the flow rate by adding more outlets to the PVC channel of the Blade range. Aquabocci provides a variety of outlet sizes which can be attached below the drainage channel, allowing you to increase the overall water flow rate.

Is the drain difficult to install?

The good news is that Aquabocci has a comprehensive selection of installation guides and installation videos, so your builder or bathroom fitter can confidently fit any Aquabocci product, whether on concrete, timber or insulation board in any indoor or outdoor location. The drains have a very low profile, great for installations that aren’t designed for a thick floor build up. Usually the drain can be installed on top of the slab, within the floor screed, avoiding the need to build a set down.

The R-47 x Blade Threshold Drain allows you to achieve a flush finish to your outdoor area

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