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Grand Designs January 2022 issue

Discover home remodelling ideas, ingenious city builds, earth-shelter houses and much more

By Karen Stylianides | 4 January 2022

With a new year full of exciting possibilities on the horizon, this is a great time to plan a project. Grand Designs January 2022 issue is full of ideas to inspire, and you can read the digital edition for free!

A wedge of land between a railway line and a road is the last place many people would build their home. Throw a sewer into the mix and most would walk away without looking back. But Grand Designers Olaf and Fritha Mason are made of tough stuff. Their hard graft and Olaf’s carpentry skills turned a problematic patch of ground into a house unlike anything you’ve seen. It’s edgy, eye-catching and ingenious, and you can find it on page 20.

Pages of Grand Designs magazine showing a triangular shaped house

Olaf and Fritha’s self-build is in a village, not a city. But some of the site-specific challenges the couple faced will be familiar to those attempting to create a home in the congestion of an urban setting. A plot often comes with compromises, and reworking an industrial building or period house is seldom simple in a built-up area. But necessity is the mother of invention after all. Certainly the design-and-build solutions devised by the architects of the ten city projects on page 73 are bold and brilliant.

Pages of Grand Designs magazine showing homes in the city