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By Hugh Metcalf | 20 October 2020

Among all the uncertainty that we’ve faced since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, our homes have become ever more important us. As our editor-at-large Kevin McCloud puts it, ‘Our routines have become dizzyingly complex as we lurch from home teaching to FaceZooming family and friends, to ordering sourdough kits online, to finding some corner of a room that we can squeeze our entire working life into.’

With more time spent indoors during lockdown, we’ve had the chance to reassess where we live, to plan changes and start to put them into action. According to a survey by the Federation of Master Builders, there has been a demand for home upgrades, with 47 per cent of builders reporting increased workload during the summer and forecasting that this is set to continue during the autumn.

November 2020 issue preview - grand designs magazine

Available to read as a free digital edition, the November issue of Grand Designs magazine has plenty of ideas to whet your appetite for change. For a start, there’s a brilliant guide to windows and glazed doors. Whether you’re building your own house or want to replace existing units, you’ll find design inspiration and practical advice to help you choose the perfect options. Interior glazing is also covered in a feature that takes a closer look at ingenious designs for glazed walls, partitions, doors and windows to bring light into even the darkest spaces.

November 2020 issue preview - grand designs magazine