Redefine your kitchen with fresh new FENIX NTM worktops

Kitchen worktops are the finishing touch of any great kitchen. Discover a range that meld technological know-how with good-looks.

Promotional Feature By Jennifer Turner | 24 September 2020

Discover wonderful kitchen worktops that combine good looks with high performance.

modern kitchen with island and black worktop


A kitchen isn’t a kitchen without the perfect worktop. Discover how the stunning ultra-matt aesthetics and innovative benefits of FENIX NTM worktops can create the finishing touch for yours.

Sleek style

kitchen with grey worktop white cabinets and flowers


A sleek, minimalist and contemporary design is a widely sought after look for kitchen worktops but is harder to achieve than you might think. With all the different styles and types available, it can be overwhelming to find the right one for you and the design you have in your mind.

That’s where FENIX NTM worktops from Worktop Express can help. With crisp clean lines, breathtaking ultra-matt aesthetics and a premium soft touch feel, this range is perfect for creating a beautiful, contemporary, statement kitchen.