Watch Kevin McCloud’s ‘epic scale’ Grand Designs project

When Kevin questions whether the build will be ready by September, Barry explains that "all being well, [he'd] be finished by tea-time", but in true Grand Designs style, he overran, not completing the project until 8.30pm. 

By Hugh Metcalf | 11 May 2020

Kevin followed Grand Designer Barry’s build project, which he hoped to have ‘finished by tea-time’, as part of Matt Lucas’ Reasons to Be Cheerful.

kevin mccloud reasons to be cheerful episode - grand designs

Image: Channel 4

It’s Grand Designs but not as you know as this week Kevin McCloud filmed a unique episode of the show, from home, for Matt Lucas’ Reasons to Be Cheerful on Channel 4.

In the sketch, Kevin met ‘Barry’, a railway enthusiast in the planning stages of creating a special kit home, which Kevin describes as “built on an epic scale – or a scale, at least.”