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Top tips for caring for wooden floors

Wooden floors need plenty of protection. Fortunately these products have been formulated to keep yours in tip-top condition

Promotional Feature By Jennifer Turner | 25 August 2020

Your wooden floor needs lots of tender, loving care. These natural oils and waxes will help extend the life of wooden floors and furniture and keep them looking their best…

Caring for wooden floors

A solid wood or engineered wood floor is a considerable investment. It’s one worth making – they add value and deliver a timeless look that’s simultaneously contemporary and classic. And if you’ve made that investment, it makes sense to keep your floor in great condition.

It’s a relatively simple process – not the high-maintenance job some might think. But wooden floors can be thirsty things, and if you want to preserve the finish it had when you first installed it, you’ll need to give it a drink from time to time.

lounge and dining room with wooden floor and furniture

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