Using salvaged wood for a fabulous floor

Eco Flooring specialise in taking unwanted French flooring and turning into fabulous floors for sustainable homes.

By Jennifer Turner | 24 November 2020

Put recycled flooring at the heart of your home.


A beautiful floor needn’t cost the earth – one company has made a virtue out of discovering unwanted floors in France and repurposing them for modern homes…

dining room with table chairs fireplace chandelier and wooden floor

Waste not, want not

While many modern floors are grown from sustainable tree stock, that still doesn’t account for vast amounts of old flooring that traditionally has gone to waste. Often, beautiful floors are ripped up and tossed away, with not only the raw materials but also the age and character of the wood being disposed of.

Eco Flooring have been reclaiming this wood over the last few years, finding sensational floors in monasteries, chateaus and other French heritage buildings, and bringing it back to the UK. There it’s reconditioned and made ready for use in homes that want characterful floor with no waste.

bedroom with bed chair with toys mannequin and wooden flooring

From France to your floor

France’s loss is your gain. Reclaimed French oak in herringbone or chevron patterns is a perfect way to add flavour to your floors. It’s imbued with its own character and spirit, and thus can work in various rooms across your home.

From dramatic entrance halls through to kitchens, dining and living rooms, you can inject the history of this flooring straight into the place you live. Eco Flooring take a bespoke approach to each project, restoring the wood and creating a floor you’ll be proud of.