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Easy tips to reduce your energy consumption

Small changes to help get those energy bills down

By Becca Green | 3 September 2021

Wondering how to reduce your energy consumption and save money on energy bills? While the fabric of your home may need some upgrades to improve its energy efficiency, these simple quick changes can make a big difference…

Don’t leave appliances on standby

Leaving appliances on standby is a constant drain on your energy. This is called vampire energy and it’s more wasteful than you think. So ensure that little red light is off and turn your electrics off at the mains plug when not in use.

Take advantage of natural light

Open curtains and blinds throughout your house to capitalise on solar gains (ie. make the most of natural light) and reduce the electricity demand of lights. In warmer months, this will help to naturally heat your home too. The opposite is true in winter – as soon as it gets dark, close those curtains to keep the warmth in.

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Switch to energy saving lightbulbs

Changing your old lightbulbs to LED alternatives is a great way to reduce energy consumption. LED (light emitting diode) bulbs use 2-17 watts of electricity – a third of what an old-style incandescent bulb uses. You could also opt for CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) bulbs, which are cheaper at the outset than LEDs but less energy efficient.

Buy a smart thermostat

A smart thermostat lets you adjust the temperature as you wish through an app on your mobile device, even while you’re away. It can also turn off your heating or air conditioning system automatically when you leave the house, reducing wasted energy.

Whether you invest in a smart thermostat or not, it always pays to turn down your heating by one degree. You probably won’t notice the difference, but according to, it will shave 10% off your energy bill.

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Switch to a smart meter

A smart meter allows you to see and monitor exactly how much energy you’re using, meaning you are more aware of your energy usage and can control it better. Contact your energy supplier for more information on switching to a smart meter.

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Photo: Wiser smart home heating system from Drayton