extra wide garage doors, automated and bespoke for listed property

Bespoke garage doors for design-led homes

Innovative garage doors can now blend seamlessly with modern and traditional homes

Promotional Feature By Andrew Emery | 5 October 2020

Garage doors can often be an afterthought, but when you’re putting so much work into designing and building your dream home, they deserve more attention. Carefully considering bespoke garage doors will pay dividends in your home’s overall look. These bespoke German-engineered garage doors deliver on both performance and looks…

Bespoke garage doors

Rather than everyday, standard garage doors, Rundum Meir manufactures and supplies bespoke garage doors that complement all kinds of properties. They allow architects, designers and self-builders to build a garage door into their plans that won’t look out of place. In fact, they can actually enhance the overall design.

The seamless and sophisticated side-sliding doors are available in numerous kinds of timber to achieve your desired look, as well as steel, glass and extruded aluminium.

house with white painted brick and black garage door

Photo: Rundum Meir

Fabulous functionality

You probably have a strong idea of what your home should look like and don’t want off-the-peg elements that can be found in run-of-the-mill houses. Rundum Meir’s purely bespoke approach means that your garage doors are custom made to your specifications.

The sectional side-sliding doors, for example, can work with arched entries or any kind of architectural feature you have in mind. They do this while delivering the functionality and performance you’d expect of German-engineered products. Wooden doors can be treated and protected, while insulated panels can help reduce energy bills and carbon use.