Cut your bills and enjoy cleaner air with Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery.


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Building your own home is the perfect way to ensure you have an economical, eco-friendly ventilation system planned in from the beginning. Choose the right one for cleaner air, lower bills and a comfortable, future-proof home.

What is a heat recovery system?

Put simply, such systems are known as Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR). It’s a ventilation system that works to remove stale air from your home and introduce fresh air. However, that’s not all it does – it also uses the heat extracted from your home to warm the new air as it enters in a heat exchange.

As standard, an MVHR system is not part of your heating system, but the actual work it does in warming cold air and introducing it to your home. Which means that you can make significant savings on your energy costs. Blauberg's advanced control system, allows for optional heaters to be incorporated, providing a programmable temperature-controlled solution.

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The Benefits of MVHR

A heat recovery system works best in a house that is thermally efficient, which most modern builds tend to be. In such circumstances, and with the latest systems in place, it’s possible to save around 90% of the warm air escaping from your home. Considering the warm air usually leaks out of roofs and windows, it makes a considerable difference in comparison to existing ventilation solutions.

However, that’s not all it does, however. The new air is also filtered by the MVHR unit as it enters, meaning that many allergens, such as pollen, are removed. This is great news for those who suffer from asthma, hay fever and other allergic conditions, while the system also removes carbon dioxide and other pollutants, replacing them with fresh oxygenated air.

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Installing heat recovery ventilation

Blauberg UK supply heat recovery systems for both commercial and residential properties, with different kits available depending on the size of your home. They can be installed by a competent DIY-er, or in partnership with a qualified trades person. Blauberg UK can assist you with every stage of the process, ensuring the system meets building regulations.

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Installing a heat recovery ventilation kit gives you a more economical, ecological and healthier air supply that will slash heating bills. Blauberg UK's latest smart MVHR systems are an ideal part of a Passive House Project, or for those who want to reduce the negative environmental impact of their dream home.

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