With the festive season approaching, consider these simple tips for ensuring your space is party-proof and ready for entertaining. 

habitat etta dining room set - granddesigns

 Image: Habitat 

No matter how far along you are in your building or self-renovation journey, it's never to early to think about how your new space will function in day-to-day life. 

One of the key elements of a home is how it works as an entertaining space – making it an enjoyable place for friends and family to visit. 

With the growth of open-plan living spaces, it's never been easier to host a social occasion effortlessly in your home, but we've curated a few extra tips to make the space work even harder for you. 

Opt for an extendable dining table

bo concept extendable dining table - self build  - granddesigns

 Image: Bo Concept 

Extendable dining tables have a reputation for being a little more functional than stylish. However, the likes of this Augusta extendable dining table from Bo Concept just goes to prove that useful can be beautiful, and helps make room for more guests over the festive period. 

Or choose a curved table design 

 miniforms dining table from go modern furniture- self build  - granddesigns

 Image: Go Modern Furniture 

Dining tables with curved edges are great choices for a number of reasons. First of all, they can help flow around a dining area, especially if the space is small or boxy. For seating guests, they offer a more flexible approach, as you can always squeeze another guest on where you traditionally couldn't on a table with corners. A design such as this Miniforms Juice dining table from Go Modern Furniture also has a central base, meaning traditional table legs don't get in the way of extra seating. 

Set up a separate bar 

chaplins atlante bar cabinet by porada - granddesigns

 Image: Chaplins

When in an open-plan kitchen-living area, the boundaries of prep-cooking space and social space are a little more blurred. Having a drinks station or bar means that guests won't be around the kitchen, getting in the way, every time they need a top up. Bar trolleys are popular right now, but this Porada Atlante bar from Chaplins has real luxury appeal. 

Opt for flexible seating 

wearth london xavier dining table - granddesigns

 Image: Wearth London 

Dining benches can be somewhat hit or miss, depending on the type of guests you have to dinner, but they do provide more flexible seating when you need to squeeze an extra person at the table. If you often are entertaining families with children, a dining bench like this Xavier set from Wearth London is a perfect piece. 

Seek out quiet appliances 

lundhs real stone kitchen case study - granddesigns

 Image: Lundhs 

When an open-plan space is both your kitchen and your entertaining area, it's important to know you can put the dishwasher or washing machine on without loud appliances drowning out conversation. Most large appliances will come with information on their decibel levels, but for the best, low-volume appliances, you can rely on a resource such as Quiet Mark


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