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When planning a scheme, it's important to decide on the overall design plan for the room and how the lighting could enhance it. Managing Director or Christopher Wray explains that 'one room may need a lighting scheme that allows for practical tasks such as food preperation, draws attention to a decorative feature and provides a general illumination.'

We've put together a helpful guide that you can use as a starting point for your project. 

Create a warm welcome

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Make sure to style a welcoming hallway by highlighting its architectural features. 'Fit uplighters at the base of interesting doorframes and beside window frames to draw attention to them,' suggests Marcus Steffen, founder of MS Lighting Design. On a staircase, wall lamps or spotlights built in to the risers look great and have a safety benefit.

Smart fittings are useful in spaces that are passed through, such as coridors. A simple solution for a gloomy hallway is to include a table lamp on a console table or shelving unit to spread the soft glow.

Put together a well-lit living area

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Aim for a seamless combination of ambient, accent and task lighting in a living area. Add another layer with table and floor lamps, creating pools of light that eliminate any dark areas.

A cosy spot to sit and read will benefit from adjustable spotlights and floor or desk lamps nearby; in other words, directional task lighting that's bright enough to enjoy your book or newspaper.

Choose a ceiling pendant light or chandelier to complement the room's décor. Bold designs with structural shapes will be the focal point of any living space.

Design an inviting kitchen 

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A high priority in an open-plan kitchen with a dining and seating area is to create an inviting setting for meals with family and friends. Well-placed recessed ceiling spotlights provide unobtrusive background lighting and can be supplemented by more decorative fittings.

'Try a cluster of pendant lights, or three of them in a line, to draw attention to the dining table and sofa or armchairs,' says Claire Anstey, lighting buyer at Heal's. Run LED strip lighting along the base of the wall and floor cabinets for a sleek, modern look.

Food prep and cooking calls for task lighting. Bright downlights and spotlights directed towards the worksurfaces are a good option. 

Carefully consider bedroom lighting

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Bedroom lighting should be multi-purpose. You'll want to create a cosy effect in the evening, while early mornings call for a brighter setting. Lamps on bedside tables and low-level night lights create a soft ambience.

Add a dedicated LED reading light, which can be angled exactly where you need it. Small spotlights in cupboards and under shelves will help you find clothes during the morning rush. 

Plan a multi-functional bathroom

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Having different lighting options is the key to your bathroom being both efficiently functional and blissfully soothing. Applying make-up and shaving requires crisp, bright light, but you'll want to take things down several notches for a leisurely soak in the tub.

Built-in LEDs on a mirror or mirrored cabinet help you see more clearly, or fix wall lights on either side of an unlit mirror for even illumination. Whereas, strip lighting installed at floor level will bring a subtle glow to calm things down when you want to relax. 


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