Sustainable kitchen and bathroom surfaces

Hardwearing surfaces with recycled content are a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms

Promotional Feature By Caroline Rodrigues | 28 March 2022

Playing a supporting role in every grand design, great walls and surfaces are the backbone of every elegant room scheme. Quartz surfaces are enviably luxurious choices that can make or break a kitchen or bathroom design. And now that we’re heading for a new, more sustainable era, Silestone surfaces by Cosentino have revolutionised the quartz and engineered stone market with its mineral hybrid surface.

A next-generation surface

A go-to choice for the world of architecture and design, Silestone by Cosentino is a completely unique surfaceThe latest new formulation, HybriQ+, is a huge leap for kitchen and bathroom surfaces, containing a minimum of 20% recycled raw materials in its composition, such as glass from bottles or windows. These additions don’t detract from the performance, which is equal to or better than traditional quartz surfaces, and its timeless beauty remains the same. Extremely durable, hard-wearing and beautiful – requiring just a simple wipe clean to keep them sparkling.

quartz surfaces from Cosentino in a modern kitchen with neutral decor scheme and kitchen island

Photo: Cosentino

Sustainable surfaces

Cosentino has put the emphasis on sustainability by introducing pioneering HybriQ+ technology. This new production process ties in with the company’s commitment to the environment. The manufacturing process of Silestone with HybriQ+ uses 99% reused water from the production processes and 100% renewable electric energy. So if you’re worried about quartz sustainability, this is the worksurface for you.

grey worksurfaces and splashback in industrial style open-plan kitchen with mezzanine bedroom

Photo: Cosentino