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A warm home shouldn't have to come second to a peaceful home

By Caroline Rodrigues |

Keeping your home cosy during the long winter months calls for a two-pronged approach, preventing heat loss and providing a source of warmth. Though it’s often overlooked, noise reduction is just as important. When looking for suitable products, choose ones with Quiet Mark’s approval. The Quiet Mark international programme has certified heat pumps, glazing and insulation, guaranteeing a warmer and quieter home life.

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Quiet heat pumps

A winner of iF and Red Dot design awards, the Daikin Altherma H HT E-Series heat pump is the perfect eco-friendly option for renovators. The E-Series has been updated with new features such as a handy remote wireless control. One example is the Altherma 3 H HT air-to-water heat pump, which operates at whisper-quiet levels and has a low-sound mode. Choose a floor-standing or wall mounted indoor unit, to suit your home.

Quiet Mark approved heat pump: Daikin Altherma H HT E-Series

The Daikin Altherma H HT E-Series is Quiet Mark certified

Installing a heat pump isn’t a do-it-yourself project. Luckily, there are Daikin-trained Sustainable Home Installers up and down the country who are ready to help. Your Daikin Sustainable Home Installer will assess your home and living arrangements to ensure your heat pump provides an economical and efficient solution. To find a certified installer, fill out the contact form at daikin.co.uk.

Quiet Mark approved heat pump: Daikin Altherma H HT E-Series

Daikin Sustainable Home Installers can advise on the best heat pump to suit your needs

The Samsung EHS Mono HT is a single, fully integrated air-source heat pump system that is designed to give year-round comfort. Its dark grey casing blends unobtrusively with most home décor and the compact design fits neatly below a window. Advanced technology for noise reduction ensures the EHS Mono HT’s outdoor unit stays quiet. The 4-Step Quiet Mode can adjust the sound level to keep it as low as 35dB(A), while maintaining up to 8.1kW of heat.

Samsung EHS Mono HT air-source heat pump

Samsung EHS Mono HT air-source heat pump

Suitable for both renovations (depending on the building) and new-build projects, the Worcester Bosch Compress 7001iAW Air Source Heat Pump utilises high efficiency, low-carbon technology to deliver all the benefits of using ambient air as the primary energy source for heating and hot water.

Its Monobloc design houses all refrigeration circuit components, including the inverter and circuit boards, keeping maintenance low. It also has a pre-configured AWE indoor unit for quick and easy installation with a built-in electric booster for heating and hot water. Their Green Storage WB heat pump cylinders range from 150 to 300 litres, providing solutions for even the most demanding lifestyles.

low maintenance energy efficient heat pump outside a modern house

The Worcester Bosch Compress 7001iAW Air Source Heat Pump is low maintenance

Quiet combi-boiler

Both the Quiet Mark-certified Worcester Greenstar 2000 and 4000 combi boiler emphasise noise reduction, running at lower noise levels than many similar alternatives. Suitable for small to medium-sized homes they are highly energy-efficient and will help reduce your bills and cut carbon emissions. To save even more, install compatible smart heating controls.

quiet boiler: the Quiet Mark-certified Worcester Greenstar 4000 combi boiler emphasises noise reduction

The Quiet Mark-certified Worcester Greenstar 4000 combi boiler emphasises noise reduction

Quiet ventilation

Having a hot shower or steamy bath can be restorative on a chilly winter’s day. But it’s important to guard against excess moisture. This can lead to mould and bacteria build-up, especially if there’s no mechanical ventilation and it’s too cold to open the windows. The Silent Dual extraction fan from ventilation supplier S&P UK is easy to mount on the wall or ceiling. Silent Dual has two built-in sensors, a PIR (passive infrared) detector and a humidity sensor, which can be set to operate continuously or intermittently. Both modes provide the lowest levels of energy consumption and contribute to noise reduction.

Quiet ventilation approved by Quiet Mark

Silent Dual extraction fan by S&P UK

Quiet water pump

A relaxing shower should be one of life’s little luxuries. But it’s hard to relax if the pump is too loud. A survey from Salamander Pumps revealed that 40% of us are impacted by low water pressure on a day-to-day basis, and 43% of people said that a trickling shower has a negative effect on their mental state. The Quiet Mark-certified Homeboost from Salamander Pumps is an intelligent whole-house pump that recognises when the water pressure and flow is low and quietly boosts water performance. It provides a welcome boost of up to 12 litres per minute via your combination boiler.

High-performance glazing

Installing well-fitting double- or triple-glazed windows or glazed doors saves on energy costs and can play a part in noise reduction, too. Internorm UK’s timber-aluminium windows, known as alu-clad, blend the aesthetics of timber with the durability of aluminium, achieving U-values as low as 0.62/m2K. Because every home is unique, there are colour and style to suit everything from barn conversions to contemporary self-builds. In particular, the innovative I-Core laminated timber construction is strong and durable, allowing the Quiet Mark-certified HF 510 window to fit a big aperture.

Internorm UK’s timber-aluminium windows

Internorm UK’s timber-aluminium windows

Noise-absorbing plaster

Nothing’s more irritating than the noise from the street or from neighbours, but Armourcoat on walls or ceilings can help. The Armourcoat Acoustic Plaster System is a smooth mineral surface that has excellent sound absorption properties for maximum noise reduction, and will minimise heat loss, too. The basecoat and topcoat are made with 75% recycled glass and 70% recycled marble respectively, while the mineral wool panels are made from 70% recycled material.

noise reducing plaster: the Armourcoat Acoustic Plaster System in a large open-plan space

Armourcoat Acoustic Plaster System

About Quiet Mark

Quiet Mark has certified more than 1,200 of the quietest products from more than 90 leading manufacturers, all of which are listed on its website. For more solutions to unwanted noise, visit to Quiet Mark’s online Acoustics Academy.

You can also tune into The Quiet Mark Podcast. Hosted by Simon Gosling, CMO at Quiet Mark, the series explores the vital role acoustics will play in the future of building and product design, with input from designers, architects and sound experts. Listen below via Apple Podcasts, or find it via SpotifyBuzzsprout and Podbean.