Quiet appliances for a peaceful home

Innovations that reduce the noise in your home and increase your wellbeing

By Caroline Rodrigues | 7 February 2022

What would you give for a bit of peace and quiet? In its recent National Noise Report based on a survey of 2,000 UK adults, the noise reduction campaigner Quiet Mark revealed that 57% of Brits would like their homes to be less noisy. A further 62% would prefer quiet appliances.

‘Because sound is invisible, it’s often overlooked,’ says Quiet Mark CEO and co-founder Poppy Szkiler. ‘Yet its impact on our wellbeing is profound.’

Quiet Mark identifies the quietest products through scientific testing and assessment. In 2022 it will be celebrating its 10th anniversary. Since the start of the pandemic, the number of certified products for a quiet home has more than tripled, from 350 to more than 1,200. The number of manufacturers achieving certification has also risen from 60 to more than 80.

Here’s a small selection of the products that have been recently certified.

In partnership with Quiet Mark

Clean air, less noise

With a Daikin air purifier you can enjoy fresh air without opening the windows and doors, avoiding cold draughts and pollutants coming inside. Simply switch on for purified air in an instant. Designed for living spaces and bedrooms, the compact MCK55W humidifying air purifier features near-silent yet powerful cleaning capability all in one compact appliance.

quiet running air purifier: Daikin MCK55W humidifying air purifier

Daikin MCK55W humidifying air purifier

Combat dry air

Maintain the moisture levels in a room with the Ultrasonic humidifier Tag by Duux. This combats the stinging eyes, headache or static electricity that can be associated with dry air. Plus, its virtually silent operation promotes wellbeing and ensures a quiet home. Available in black or white, the appliance is compatible with the lavender, citronella and eucalyptus aromatherapy oils from Duux which stimulate the senses and aid relaxation.

quiet running humidifier: Tag Ultrasonic by Duux

Ultrasonic humidifier Tag by Duux

Fuss-free dishwashing

A quiet dishwasher is a must for a less noisy home, especially for small apartments or open-plan living. The Quiet Mark registered Double DishDrawer from Fisher & Paykel has two independently-operating drawers, the top one at waist height to save you bending. With 15 different programs including an eco function, the DD60DDFHB9 Double DishDrawer operates at a very low decibel rate. Even the end-of-programme alert can be turned off.

quiet dishwasher: Double DishDrawer from Fisher & Paykel

Double DishDrawer from Fisher & Paykel

Hushed extraction

For hush in the kitchen, the Novy Up collection of vented induction hobs comes in five different configurations, including one with an integrated wok and another with a teppanyaki plate. These can be either surface or flush-mounted. An integrated extractor tower rises up for quiet extraction while you cook, with an adjustable valve to direct extraction at a low level when frying in a shallow pan or higher up when using a tall saucepan.

quiet induction hob: Novy Up collection of vented induction hobs

Novy Up teppanyaki hob and hood combination

Peaceful ventilation

The Silent Dual extraction fan from ventilation supplier S&P UK easily fits to the wall or ceiling of a kitchen, bathroom or utility room. Its built-in humidity sensor reacts to peaks when the shower is running, while the PIR (passive infrared) detector reacts to motion in the room. Whether running continuously or intermittently, the noise levels stay low, for a quiet home. S&P UK Ventilation Systems is the UK subsidiary of global manufacturer Soler & Palau.

quiet extractor fan: Silent Dual extraction fan from ventilation supplier S&P UK

Silent Dual extraction fan from S&P UK

Quieter showering

With a Quiet Mark certified AS2000SR thermostatic power shower from Triton Showers there’s no concern over disturbance from a noisy shower pump. Designed for low-pressure, gravity-fed systems its pump provides flow rates of up to 14 litres per minute for a powerful shower. The AS2000SR maintains a constant water temperature regardless of any change in pressure. This power shower is ideal for families, as the maximum temperature limit is adjustable.

Photo: Toat/Adobe Stock

Low-noise heating

Powered by electricity, air-source heat pumps (ASHP) extract warmth from the air and convert it into heating and hot water. They consist of an outdoor and an indoor unit and Vaillant heat pumps are ideal for a quiet home. Operating at low noise levels, the outdoor aroTHERM Plus, which can team up with a choice of indoor units, suits built-up areas and terraced houses where noise can be an issue. Use this Quiet Mark certified air-to-water model for new installations or retrofit projects.

Quiet air source heat pumps: Vaillant aroTHERM Plus outdoor unit can team up with a choice of indoor units

The Vaillant aroTHERM Plus

Acoustic flooring

Karndean was one of the first flooring manufacturers to team up with Quiet Mark. Korlok, Karndean’s rigid core range, is ideal where acoustics, uneven subfloors or an existing hard floor need to be considered. Its click-lock system is fast to fit, and the pre-attached acoustic foam backing reduces sound transfer – no separate underlay is required. The water resistant range is suitable for bathrooms.

noise absorbing flooring: Karndean’s Korlok rigid core range is ideal where acoustics need to be considered

Karndean’s Korlok rigid core range

For more solutions to unwanted noise, visit Quiet Mark’s Acoustics Academy at quietmark.com. You can also find out more about the importance of managing sound with the intriguing Quiet Mark podcast.

acoustics academy by quiet mark logo

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