Quiet boilers and heat pumps: Best buys for peaceful living

Boilers and heat pumps can often be distractingly noisy. Discover a range that have the Quiet Mark seal of approval.

By Jennifer Turner | 1 December 2020

These boilers and heat pumps have each been certified by Quiet Mark for their low-decibel technology.

Heating usually means the end of hush. Boilers rattle, clank and wheeze while warming up your home. With so many of us now working from home, and having offices in unusual places, that noise is the last thing we need. Luckily, Quiet Mark have certified boilers and pumps that deliver hushed heat… 

In partnership with Quiet Mark

woman having a drink in kitchen with boiler behind her

Image: Ideal Logic MAX Combi Boiler

The heat is on

Every home makes noise. Those unexplained creaks and cranks are all part of a house’s charm in normal times. But when you’re having to spend all of your time locked down from home, and your sanctuary has become a place where you not only relax and sleep, but also work and play, you notice those noises a lot more. Factor in winter, when you’re boiler is on a lot more to heat the home, and you might be tearing your hair out.

black heat pump outside a home

Image: Warmflow Zeno Air Source Heat Pump

Trying to home school while fielding a 30-person zoom chat with colleagues AND coping with your noisy boiler can be just too much. Happily, Quiet Mark’s team of acousticians have run the rule over hundreds of boilers and heat pumps, giving many the thumbs up for quiet performance. If you’re planning an upgrade or a new boiler, these should be your first port of call.