Grand Designs: The street episode 3

Grand Designs: The street episode 3

We've got all the details of episode 3 of Grand Designs: The Street, hosted by Kevin McCloud.

By Jenny Mcfarlane |

Episode 3 of the new Channel 4 series, Grand Designs: The Street, hosted by Kevin McCloud, follows self-builder couple Paul and Blanka, who dreamt of building a property using sustainable materials such as hempcrete and building using labour intensive methods.

If you haven’t see the third episode yet, find out a little bit more about Graven Hill, Bicester’s most eco friendly home.

Self builders Paul and Blanka who have built on plot 6, featured on Grand Designs The Street episode 3 on Channel 4, hosted by Kevin McCloud

Photo: Channel 4

Episode 3: The Details

Plot 6: Paul and Blanka

  • Plot 6: The Hempcrete House
  • Names: Paul, 42, and Blanka, 35
  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 3
  • Started: June 2016
  • Finished: August 2018
  • Build estimate: £160K
  • Final build cost: £300K

Paul and Blanka have two young sons and live in a rented house in Oxford. They’re building the cheapest, most sustainable house on the street for an impressive budget by using relatively low-tech, but time-consuming, techniques, with Paul planning to do a lot of the work himself.

dining room table in plot 6 on grand designs The Street Episode 3, on channel 4 and hosted by Kevin McCloud

Photo: Fremantle / Channel 4

However, while the materials are cheap, their handcrafted hempcrete house costs a lot more in labour than they had imagined. With time dragging on, the family are forced to live a nomadic lifestyle for the time it takes to build the street’s most eco home.

The eco-credentials of this house, the time given to its construction, and the amount of work Paul single-handedly puts into the project are nothing short of remarkable, but they will require a huge amount of tolerance and patience from his family, as they wonder whether their separation from Paul as he works on the build will ever result in their dream of family togetherness.

Paul and Blanka talking to host Kevin McCloud on Grand Designs: The Street Episode 3 on Channel 4

Photo: Fremantle / Channel 4