Grand Designs TV house built entirely of concrete

Take a look inside the concrete home built using innovative construction methods which featured on the 2018 series of Grand Designs.

By Gemma Parkes | 24 September 2018

Revisit this concrete house and take in the innovative construction methods involving cutting-edge technologies never used in a self-build home before.

Concrete house with outdoor swimming pool features on the sixth episode of the 2018 series of Grand Designs

Image: FremantleMedia LTD

The sixth episode of the 2018 series of Grand Designs‘ followed professional deep-sea diver and former teenage BMX fanatic, Adrian Corrigall as he built his dream home using only concrete.

Adrian fell in love with this cold uncompromising material in the skate parks of Scotland. Now he’s convinced his wife Megan to build their new family home in rural East Sussex almost entirely out of concrete – both inside and out.

No cladding, no carpets, no plaster or wallpaper, this will be as pure a concrete building as humanly possible. Adrian believes his raw, exposed, modular concrete home will be the ultimate 21st century country house.

The construction involves cutting-edge concrete technologies conceived in Switzerland and never used to build a house before. The hope is these new mix recipes will not only overcome the historic negatives of concrete but keep them within their £400,000 budget.

Take a look at the innovative features of this concrete construction.