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Every house from Grand Designs season 24 (Autumn 2023)

From a revolutionary eco home to a converted water reservoir, here's every home from Autumn 2023 series.

By David Ludlow |

Grand Designs has finished for this year, but season 24 saw some memorable highlights and some of the most ambitious builds. While you’re waiting for the next series to start, here’s a look at every house from Grand Designs season 24, plus links so that you can read more about each one.

Wye Valley

Wye Valley Grand Designs house

The series started in style in the Wye Valley in Herefordshire, with the conversion of a defunct water reservoir originally used to power steam trains. Audiologist Rosa had a personal connection to the site after family member Leo bought it so that a young Rosa could ride her horses. After growing up and meeting her partner, Craig, the couple set about completing Rosa’s dream of converting the site into their forever home.

Four years on and at a final budget of around £1.2m, the project was finished, turning the old building into a beautiful home that overlooks an area of outstanding natural beauty.

“Thanks to Rosa and Craig’s epic efforts, the family’s relationship with this beguiling landscape has been safeguarded with a home,” said Kevin McCloud of the project.

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Danny, a deputy principal of a vocational college in Lincolnshire, wanted to build a new home in the 23-arce garden of his current bungalow. He wanted to build an elevated, modern building overlooking the pond and treetops, with a £300,000 budget. Coming in at around £375,000, the final build was finished, complete with freestanding solar panels and ceiling-mounted infrared heating panels in the children’s bedrooms.

“This house will not only protect Danny’s children, it will help to teach them, nourish them, and possibly empower them to follow their own dreams. What more could anyone want for their child?” said Kevin.

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Gloucestershire tree house revisited

The tree house in Dursley from Grand Designs

Originally appearing in 2016, Kevin returned to see how Jon Martin and Noreen Jaafar’s Gloucestershire tree house was doing seven years later. Built in a conservation area, where all of the trees were listed, the design of the house was a design necessity.

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Hackney Downs

Grand Designs Hackney Downs

Built into a footprint half the size of the average UK home, Graham and Mel’s project was to build a red, sculptural form home. To get more space, the couple excavated four meters to add an extra 63m² of living space.

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South Herefordshire

Grand Designs Series 24 Episode 5 - South Heredforshire - outside

Image Credit: Channel 4

Retired furniture maker Lucinda wanted to construct a two-storey, highly insulated, low eco-impact home for herself in South Herefordshire for just £150,000, with no heavy machinery used to protect the precious landscape. The final building was described by Kevin as “so beautiful” and “like a piece of furniture scaled up”.

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North Cotswolds

North Cotswolds Passivhaus Premium house

Image Credit: Channel 4

The North Cotswolds house was a revolutionary project: Duncan and Liz wanted to build the UK’s first certified Passivhaus Premium house. As well as needing to adhere to the tough Passivhaus standards, the Premium standard goes further and requires that a home must generate four times the energy it uses. Here, that was achieved with solar tiles on the roof.

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Liskeard flour mill revisited

Liskeard Flour Mill from outside

Image Credit: Channel 4

Originally featured in 2021, the team came back to the ambitious project in Liskeard, which saw a 500-year-old flour mill transformed into a family home. Now completed, the house is heated efficiently by a biomass boiler, and sits in stunning landscaped grounds, and features a cosy living area.

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The triangular Billinghurst house

Billinghurst triangular house

Image Credit: Channel 4

Featured in the 2021 series, Olaf and Fritha Mason had to tackle one of the trickiest plots ever seen on the show. Hemmed in by a main road, a railway line and a sewer, the triangular house is a clever solution to the problem, with the house skimming the border of the sewer. For this series, Kevin revisited the couple to find out more about the completed house.

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