Grand Designs TV Houses

Discover more about the Grand Designs houses as featured on the TV series, with exclusive previews and latest TV show secrets, plus all your favourites from previous episodes. Read in-depth interviews with the homeowners, explore floorplans and images, and find out project, architect and supplier information.

Grand Designs TV Houses

TV house: Hand-built ecological home in Wales

As part of an eco-village in west Wales, Simon and Jasmine Dale set out to hand-build an ecological home, starting with only £500 in the...
Grand Designs TV Houses

Grand Designs water tower conversion in London

An ambitious Grand Designs water tower conversion based in London had two new-build extensions included in the renovation.
Grand Designs TV Houses

TV house: Timber-framed new-build in Bolton

Builder Paul Rimmer and his family have shown how to construct a sustainable home
Grand Designs TV Houses

TV series secrets: Cliff-side home in Wales

Find out how things have progressed since the owners wowed us with this new-build on a dramatic cliff-side in Wales.
Grand Designs TV Houses

TV house: Transformed bungalow in Wirral, Merseyside

A dull bungalow in Wirral, Merseyside is transformed into the ideal home.

Kevin McCloud on the connection between buildings and place

Our editor-at-large ponders the relationship between buildings and site, and how it affects our love of them.
Grand Designs TV Houses

TV house: Dairy Cottage in Hampshire

When their thatched house burnt down Alex Reay and Cheryl Robson rebuilt their dream home - a dairy cottage in Hampshire.
Grand Designs TV Houses

TV house: Lifeboat Station in Tenby, South Wales

A crumbling Grade II-listed lifeboat station building on a beach transformed into a home.
Grand Designs TV Houses

TV house: Converted Church in Birmingham

A restored church with a controversial plastic dome in Birmingham is now a family home.
Grand Designs TV Houses

TV house: Period Farmhouse in Gloucestershire

How much work and money did it take to make a period farmhouse in in Gloucestershire habitable?
Grand Designs TV Houses

TV house: Tower conversion in Buckinghamshire

The conversion of a decommissioned tower was a long-term project and very much a labour of love.
Grand Designs TV Houses

TV house: Gothic Chapel in County Mayo, Ireland

A clever conversion of a chapel with gothic appeal in County Mayo, Ireland.

Grand Designs TV houses are a pick of the most elaborate architectural projects undertaken by inspirational self-builders in the UK, and featured on the hit Channel 4 TV series hosted by Kevin McCloud. The unique interest of each house derives from its unusual features, the history of the plot, environmentally-friendly construction, or, sometimes, a small budget.

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The Grand Designs TV series on Channel 4 follows the journey of each house from conception to design to construction, with a lead and commentary from Kevin McCloud. At Grand Designs Magazine, we explore each project in even more detail, including the architect’s designs, floor plans, incredible images, project cost information, plus exclusive interviews with the homeowners and TV presenter himself.

Discover more about the 800-year-old cave dwelling transformed into a twenty-first century home. Or the Water Tower in London, which Kevin McCloud described on the TV show as “a monster, a beast, a crumbling giant”. Or the Grade II listed lifeboat station in Wales, which is now a local landmark.

Plus, re-visit all your favourite Grand Designs TV houses, like the house that was made entirely out of shipping containers. See how these architectural triumphs look now and get up to date information on the homeowners. Fascinating reading for avid fans of the show, or people considering embarking on their very own self build project.