Grand Designs TV Houses

Discover more about the Grand Designs houses as featured on the TV series, with exclusive previews and latest TV show secrets, plus all your favourites from previous episodes. Read in-depth interviews with the homeowners, explore floorplans and images, and find out project, architect and supplier information.

Grand Designs TV Houses

by Beth Murton

September 28, 2020

TV house: Converted bungalow in Merseyside

Rosie and Stuart Treasurer, who appeared on Grand Designs in 2016, took the unusual approach of living on site while reimagining a bungalow in Wirral. …
Grand Designs TV Houses

TV house: Converted reservoir in Hull

This couple took a disused water reservoir in south Yorkshire and converted it into a modern, industrial home.
Grand Designs TV Houses

TV house secrets: the 'Healthy House' art collection

Grand designer Elinor Barikor talks us through her approach to art for their self build project, which feature on the show in 2018.
Grand Designs TV Houses

TV house: Weathered steel-clad self build in East Sussex

Building this post-industrial riverside home in East Sussex turned out to be relatively plain sailing.
Grand Designs TV Houses

TV House: converted mill in Northumberland

Take a tour of this converted mill near Newcastle that featured on Grand Designs in 2011.
Grand Designs TV Houses

TV house: The Old Cinema in South Yorkshire

These grand designers transformed an old cinema in South Yorkshire into a modernist-style family home.
Kevins Column

Top self build highlights at Grand Designs Live 2019 hosted by Kevin McCloud

Find top experts, specialist exhibitors and a wealth of inspiration for your self-build or renovation project all under one roof.
Grand Designs TV Houses

TV house: Lifeboat Station in Tenby, South Wales

These grand designers transformed a Grade II-listed lifeboat station into a comfortable home on a beach in South Wales.
Grand Designs TV Houses

TV House: Shipping container home in County Derry

The Grand Designs magazine team revisits one of Kevin's favourite self-build projects.
Grand Designs TV Houses

8 Grand Designs TV houses you can book to stay in

These houses, which featured on an episode of Grand Designs, are all available to book a stay at.
Grand Designs TV Houses

TV house: Hidden depths in the Peak District

Originally shown in 2017, this Peak District self-build overcame planning issues to become a memorable Grand Designs self-build that enhances its local environment.
Grand Designs TV Houses

TV house: A unique self-build in Devon influenced by natural geometry

Taking inspiration from natural instances of the golden ratio, this spiral home, featured on Grand Designs in 2017, is a memorable self-build.

Grand Designs TV houses are a pick of the most elaborate architectural projects undertaken by inspirational self-builders in the UK, and featured on the hit Channel 4 TV series hosted by Kevin McCloud. The unique interest of each house derives from its unusual features, the history of the plot, environmentally-friendly construction, or, sometimes, a small budget.