10 hi-tech bathroom innovations

Turn your space into a haven of relaxation with these state-of-the-art solutions

By Paula Woods | 11 May 2022

The latest bathroom technology can transform your space into a spa-like wellness haven. From seamless audio systems to steam generators and voice-controlled blinds, embrace high-tech bathroom design with these impressive innovations.

1. Wellbeing boost

With a steam generator you can transform an enclosed shower cubicle or wet room into a luxury hammam. The Effegibi Easy Steam generator with touch and app control, from £6,235, Effegibi Fit Box Hammam is available in two sizes or made to measure from CP Hart.

bathroom technology power shower in large marble space

Photo: CP Hart

2. Speak and tell

Fixtures such as lighting, heating, sound systems and blinds can be switched on and adjusted via a plug-in voice-activated gadget such as Alexa. Some furniture comes with a device built in. One example is this Dandy Plus oak veneer vanity unit with wall-mounted built-in Alexa Task Bar including smart speaker, sockets, USB ports, LED lighting, hanging storage and accessories, from £5,000, Scavolini.

Oak veneer vanity unit with sinks and exposed wood

Photo: Scavolini

3. Clever cupboard

Connected mirror cabinets can incorporate an entertainment centre, charging station, light fitting and storage in one compact unit. Many also have an automatic demisting feature. Pictured below, the Dimension LED Bluetooth Speaker cabinet, from £749 from Hib.

bathroom technology LED speaker cabinet in dark bathroom with marble worktop

Photo: Hib

4. Added value

Look for dual-purpose bathroom technology that combines ease of use with adaptability and saves space. One example is this LED light with integrated speaker, which is recessed in the ceiling. Pictured below: Lumisonic connected speaker and ceiling light costing £375 from Zuma.

bathroom technology ceiling speakers above freestanding bath

Photo: Zuma

5. Window treatment

For an app-enabled retrofit motor for blinds, try Soma. Or opt for a ready-integrated system. Both can be app or voice controlled. This PowerView automation and app system with Pebble remote, £312, is available across all made-to-measure window treatments including Sonnette energy-efficient insulating shades from Luxaflex.

Panelled bathroom with automated bathroom technology blinds

Photo: Luxaflex