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10 insider secrets for luxury bathroom design

Bring your dream bathroom scheme to life with these expert tips

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Planning a luxury bathroom? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure where to start. You want your dream space to be functional, yet inviting – a peaceful retreat where you can relax, refresh and unwind. However, with the wide choice of products, colours and materials to choose from, not to mention layout possibilities, it can be difficult to nail down those all-important decisions.

The key to luxury bathroom design is to take it one step at a time. By doing so you’ll find it easier to put your ideas into action and create a luxe space you’ll love for years to come. However, before you get started, bathroom expert Chris Argles at BathroomsbyDesign, offers 10 crucial tips to consider when designing your dream bathroom.

1. Secure your style

When deciding on the look of your bathroom, it’s important to consider who it is for. For example, if you’re a property investor, you’ll need to choose high-quality, minimalist products that appeal to a wide audience. However, if you’re creating a bathroom for your own use, why not get creative and play with shape, colour and texture? Put your own twist on your design to create a bespoke haven you’ll enjoy every day.

2. Ace the essentials

Before starting any work, you need to consider every square inch of space. It might sound surprising but it’s worth planning your scheme around the toilet. Make sure the waste pipe has the correct fall to the soil vent pipe otherwise this will be a costly issue to resolve later on. Smooth out issues early in the design process and you’ll limit costly errors. From here you can assess the remaining space and factor in essential sanitary ware as well as the luxuries. The larger the room, the more items you can include, but try not to go overboard and add features just to fill the space.

3. Luxe up your layout

Be open to different layout options. If you’re updating a tired bathroom to a more luxurious scheme, consider swapping the positions of existing features to allow for a more high-end spacious feel. Another way to add a luxe edge is to introduce spa features such as a jacuzzi, steam room or sauna. High-tech products, such as integrated toilets and bidets, may also save space – so take time to think outside the box when it comes to luxury bathroom design and you’ll soon discover the options are endless.

Freestanding bath in contemporary design-led bathroom with walk-in shower

Freestanding bath from BathroomsbyDesign

4. Consider quality

If you’re creating a luxury bathroom look it pays to spend more on high-quality fittings that will stand the test of time. Compromising on a cheaper product might benefit your budget in the short term, but a poorly built feature will need replacing sooner leaving your beautiful retreat a patchwork of different brands and styles. Remember, durability is especially important when it comes to items with high-contact moving parts such as taps, shower doors and valves.

5. Supersize your space

If your room is compact, you don’t have to compromise on style to create a luxury scheme. The solution is to make the best use of space so that your bathroom feels bigger. For instance, space-saving baths, corner showers and bijou basins will all free up essential floor area. In addition, oversized mirrors will make any room seem double the size. And recessed cabinets into walls, pale walls and flooring are all easy tricks to create the illusion of space.

Interior of luxury attic bathroom with teardrop-shape freestanding bath, walk-in shower and dark bronze hexagonal tiled wall

StoneKast Ovale Bath from BathroomsbyDesign

6. Prioritise practicality

It’s easy to get carried away with design features and to forget about functionality when planning your luxury bathroom. Whether you opt for under-basin storage, mirrored cabinets, or a freestanding vanity unit, be sure to prioritise the essentials. And don’t forget to ensure they’re well positioned to limit the risk of breakages and water damage.

7. Consistency is key

Every luxury bathroom has a focal point – a hero item that will draw the eye and bring wow-factor. Good options are a standout vanity unit or a statement freestanding bath. Whichever you choose, make sure you replicate the same style across the space. A consistent look ensures a seamless flow as the eye travels around the room, adding to that streamlined finish. Consider colour too. Darker shades immediately draw the eye, making that feature the most dominant in the space.

Contemporary luxury bathroom with a freestanding Claygate oval bath, grey walls and wooden floor

Claygate Artesan Bath from BathroomsbyDesign

8. Layer your lighting

Once you’ve sorted out your layout and chosen furniture and sanitary ware, don’t forget the lighting scheme in your luxury bathroom. Start with functional ceiling lighting, then build in task and mood lighting. Consider that surfaces might look different when the lights are switched on. For instance, a warm light can create a beige shade on grey tiling, while it will appear the same with a cool light. Balance natural window light with a mix of downlighting, mirror lights and recessed cabinet lights. Lastly, to change the atmosphere in the space from dazzling to relaxing, consider installing a range of different hues to switch the mood.

9. Fathom out flooring

The floor structure of your space can dictate your layout, so it is vital to understand the foundations of the room before you embark on your luxury bathroom design. Many bathrooms have wooden joist floors, meaning that pipework and other elements can be hidden out of sight. However, in modern properties, the floor is likely to be made of concrete, meaning it might be more difficult to conceal the inner workings of showers and baths.

Still life of dark bronze hexagonal tile from European Tiles

Hextile from European Tiles

10. Step inside your space

Once you’ve found inspiration from Pinterest boards and by visiting bathroom showrooms, you’ll want to know how your completed luxury bathroom will look. This is where an immersive experience can really help. Thanks to its virtual 3D design consultations BathroomsByDesign can help you step inside your space and give you expert advice. This is helpful when it comes to creating your bespoke design – a chance to play with different layouts, materials and colour palettes. The design team will then do all the technical thinking for you, pointing out potential issues and offering solutions on the best way to optimise space, storage and lighting.

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