7 ways to create a smart bathroom with the latest tech

Update your bathroom with the latest smart technology, making your life easier and improving your space's eco-friendly qualities.

By Hugh Metcalf | 9 March 2020

Whether it’s for convenience of use or upping your home’s eco-friendly credentials, smart technology has a lot to offer a bathroom design.

contemporary bathroom with built in tech - grand designs

Image: Villeroy & Boch 

The Internet of Things has invaded every room of the house by this point, but its perhaps most surprising the extent to which the bathroom has adopted new technology above all.

From app- and remote-controlled devices to technologically advanced fixtures with smart features in-built, there are plenty of ways to elevate your bathroom with the latest tech ideas.

Smart flush plates

VitrA V Care showing VitrA Smart Panel Flushplate - grand designs

Image: VitrA

The app-operated toilet flush may be the most controversial of smart tech in the bathroom, but in reality, it does have value to offer. The VitrA Smart panel flush, for example, uses digital sensor technology for a hygienic flush, while V-Care app connectivity offers remote flushing – which may have some interesting applications within accessible homes

The flush plate also records data on the household’s flushing habits, helping to identify more efficient ways for your system to use water.

Eco toilets

Geberit AquaClean Sela gloss chrome plated toilet in master suite bathroom - grand designs

Image: Geberit 

Our houses are now more connected than ever thanks to innovations in home technology, and the bathroom is no different. Investing in a smart WC, like Geberit’s AquaClean shower toilet, not only increases your personal hygiene and sense of wellbeing, but also ups the eco-factor of your bathroom. The shower toilet’s oscillating spray helps to reduce paper waste.

It also includes a host of cutting-edge features like integrated odour extraction and orientation lighting, and importantly, an energy saving mode to allow homeowners to consciously opt for more eco-friendly options in the bathroom.