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Taking charge

Select the ultimate EV charger for your home and electric vehicle

Promotional Feature By Caroline Rodrigues |

For self builders and fans of Grand Designs, pioneering intelligent technology is all part of the process, whether that’s building a home or selecting an electric vehicle and charging point.

An electric vehicle is the way forward for all drivers. If you have a keen eye on environmental matters and are looking at your total carbon footprint, EV is not simply an ethical choice, it’s a decision to bring your home and your car into the future.

A premium EV charger

When approaching a Grand Designs home, sweeping into the drive in your Porsche or Jaguar and parking in a dedicated garage or carport has to be part of the dream. Having paid attention to every last detail of the house, you’ll have no desire to fit any standard plastic box EV charger in a highly visible location.

To the contrary, the Andersen A2 is a charger that is discreet, modern and with a premium feel. Carefully designed and beautifully made in the UK, it matches smart technology with genuine craftsmanship. You can be sure it will deliver perfect performance year after year.

Vital statistics

The discreet Andersen A2 wall mounted charge point measures just 494 x 348 x 148mm and cleverly hides the integrated cable and plug. Fast charging is a must and the Andersen A2 is up to the challenge, offering 7kW for single phase and 22kW for 3-phase electricity supply.

EV charger

Design challenge

Paying close attention to aesthetics was essential for the designers of the Andersen EV charger. Made of solid aluminium and stainless steel, the A2 comes in 126 colours and fascias, to suit every type of home, from a sleek modern townhouse, to an impressive new-build mansion, or even a coastal cottage. With a range of colourful metal, carbon and Accoya wood finishes to choose from, you can come up with a unique match for your home.

Cable solution

EV charging cables can be stiff and unwieldy but that’s not the case with Andersen Evoflek charging cables. Custom made in the UK, they are light to lift and flex into easy shapes for practical storage. which makes storing them a breeze. Select from 5.5m, 8.5m (7kw) or 6.5m (22kw) lengths.

Smart controls

Thanks to smart-controlled connectivity you can use your smart phone to lock and unlock the EV charger. The device comes with Andersen Kønnect+ Solar Charging, allowing use of your surplus local generated solar or wind energy to charge your electric vehicle. To cut costs further, the charger will tell you how much energy you are using per charging session. From the results, smart scheduling works with your energy tariff to minimise costs.

EV charger

Find out more

Founded in 2015, Andersen EV was acquired by EVIOS Plc in 2022. Due to its premium design and service, Andersen EV partners with the exclusive Jaguar Land Rover and Porsche brands. Visit Andersen EV to enquire about the UK wide installation service. Your new Andersen A2 can be installed within two weeks.