How to identify a sustainable kitchen company

How to identify a sustainable kitchen company

A top-quality kitchen crafted with minimal environmental impact is the best of all worlds

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Recently, we’ve all woken up to the need for more planet-friendly ways of living. We’re taking more care with the products and methods we use when building and renovating our homes and we’re looking to choose a sustainable kitchen, too. When the Covid pandemic lockdowns cut our travel plans we all benefited from fresher air.

This and other planet-aware news stories persuaded some companies to go green. Already known for producing high quality eco-friendly kitchens, Masterclass Kitchens was galvanised into doing even more. Exploring a few key questions will help you identify kitchen companies that meet the Masterclass benchmarks.

Are the raw materials recyclable?

The first tip for choosing a sustainable kitchen manufacturer is to check whether it considers the raw materials it uses and minimises waste from the process. Masterclass is convinced that placing the environment at the forefront of any plan is essential for making real change.

Indeed, a huge portion of the board material that acts as a base for most of its kitchens comes from FSC® and PEFC certified forests. This applies across the range, from its Tuscan Walnut breakfast dressers to the Onyx and Sunset Amalfi H Line kitchen ranges. One hundred percent of the board comes from waste wood sources.

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What about environmentally friendly processes?

Once considered impractical by mainstream industry, green manufacturing is at the centre of Masterclass processes. After all, profound change requires more than just eco-friendly materials.

In recent years, Masterclass has updated its recycling practices and partner relationships to achieve a zero-to-landfill goal, while also powering its plant and office spaces with renewable energy. In total, its efforts to create environmentally friendly processes have touched every department.

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Are the accessories ‘green’, too?

Many firms promote that their manufacturing plants are energy efficient but avoid mentioning that their products are significantly less eco-friendly after they leave the production line. It’s worth considering whether a sustainable kitchen company’s accessories are energy efficient and recyclable.

Ask the question whether the partner companies that supply these goods also work along green principles. Masterclass fits LED lights in its ranges to save consumers energy at home, such as the downlights featured in the Madoc H Line kitchen range. It’s a benefit for nature and good for your pocket, too.

Does sustainability extend to marketing materials?

As Masterclass sees it, sustainability comes first, even with marketing. For example, these days the company prioritises online marketing to save on paper. It’s also constantly looking out for ways to market ethically. Masterclass print brochures use paper sourced from FSC® certified forests and vegetable oil based inks, ensuring that all materials are recyclable.

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Ask this series of questions while checking out sustainable kitchen companies and you’ll be able to make more intentional choices. In the meantime, check out more about Masterclass Kitchens’ eco-friendly guidelines online.