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How do I get permission to build in the country?

To build a home in a rural location, you'll need to meet Paragraph 80 planning requirements

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Just picture your very own Grand Designs-style home in a beautiful countryside setting. To realise that dream you’ll need an experienced architectural practice on board and you’ll certainly get to know the Paragraph 80 planning requirement for detached, isolated rural homes.

A rural home that meets Paragraph 80 planning requirements

Design by Tye Architects

What is Paragraph 80?

Paragraph 80 (formerly Paragraph 79) is part of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). It states that the development of isolated homes in the countryside should be avoided unless one or more of the following circumstances apply: it is essential for a rural worker to live at or near their place of work; the building develops the use of a heritage asset; it re-uses redundant or disused buildings; it involves the subdivision of an existing residential building; the design is of exceptional quality. Read the requirements in more detail here.

a modern, rural home that meets paragraph 80 planning requirements

Design by Tye Architects

Meeting Paragraph 80 planning criteria

To reach your goal of a building that meets the Paragraph 80 planning criteria, you need to be fully committed and in it for the long haul. Above all, you’ll need an architect with a proven track record in this area. There will be numerous other people to deal with, from town planners to construction specialists, compliance officers, environmental experts, landscaping specialists and more. To ease the route, Tye Architects, which has worked on a vast range of successful Paragraph 80 projects, will take on the project from start to finish, negotiating with all the relevant parties to get the best outcome.

a design for a large, modern, energy-efficient rural home with large glass windows and roof terrace

Design by Tye Architects

A suitable rural site

Building a dream home in the perfect location depends on finding a strong case for the development. Family links to the land would be a plus – for example if grandparents had previously farmed there. A derelict site where a country house once stood would set a precedent for a home on the plot. Find out as much as you can about the history of the land and how your new home can respect or enhance the local nature and wildlife, as well as any other buildings on the site or nearby.

a large modern home designed for the countryside with timber cladding and large windows

Design by Tye Architects

Paragraph 80 requires innovative design

Naturally, you’ll want a Paragraph 80 home with a truly outstanding design. Don’t think the house must necessarily match the local vernacular though; some surprising designs have been approved by the planners. The team at Tye Architects are experts in finding that balance point where contemporary design is in harmony with the character of the local area. Their detailed knowledge will ensure your home is of exceptional quality by bringing the latest methods and technologies to the build.

a contemporary rural home with floor-to-ceiling glass, solar shading and black cladding

Design by Tye Architects

Putting in a pre-application

It’s best to go softly, softly with planning for a Paragraph 80 house, putting in a pre-application before the full planning application to outline the risk and issues that may come up. Tye Architects has experience with various local authorities, which have differing views on what is acceptable. Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments (LVIAs), are an essential part of the process, which Tye Architects will arrange for you. The local planning committee may also require a site visit and an independent design review panel might be recommended.

a large modern home in a rural location that meets paragraph 80 planning requirements

Design by Tye Architects

Working with Tye Architects

There’s no pretending it’s an easy process, but with hard work, a decent budget, an imaginative outlook and the right team around you, your rural home could become a reality. Tye Architects has the Paragraph 80 planning experience to know what makes applications successful. See for further information on realising your dream project.