7 home projects with colourful structural elements

Explore 7 self-builds and renovations, each with a different colourful element included in its design.

By Hugh Metcalf | 6 July 2020

These self-builds and renovations all have something in common – bold colour has been used on a key structural element to bring personality to their project.

mulroy architects muswell hill grand designs TV house - home improvements

Image: Fraser Marr 

Where there’s an opportunity to remodel or self-build a home entirely, many homeowners opt for a simple, neutral colour palette to best showcase the architecture. However, even with this modern aesthethic in mind, there’s certainly a way for colour to elevate an architectural space.

These 7 projects have each used colour to highlight a key structural element, not only creating a feature that brings something different to the space, but also adding a sense of fun and joy which means these homes can’t help but make you smile.


Grand designs TV house with yellow metal staircase

Image: Fraser Marr 

In Mulroy Architects’ Haringey House project, featured on Grand Designs in 2017, a bright yellow staircase creates a central focal point at the heart of the house, made bespoke from laser-cut metal sheets. You can read more about this project in the August issue of Grand Designs Magazine.

Watch the episode: Haringey House, Mulroy Architects