How much does it cost to build a house?

Ever wondered what a self build project might cost you? We asked self build experts to find out the estimated cost of different sizes and types of self build home as a guide.

By Jenny Mcfarlane | 3 June 2019

We asked self build experts to give us an average calculation of different self build house types so you know how much building a house actually costs in 2019.

Exterior of 'Amphibious' self build house owned by Andy and Nicki Bruce

Image: ‘Amphibious’ owned by Andy and Nicki Bruce. Photographer: Darren Chung/Media 10 images

For a guide on how much it costs to build a new home, take a look at Nottingham-based practice Julian Owen Associates Architects’ build cost table, based on experience rather than the therorectical calculations used by quantity surveryors.

*All sizes are approximate for typical self build houses. Build cost per sqm multiplied by typical floor area.

Very small bungalow

exterior of bungalow size house in new forest by PAD studio architects

Image: PAD Studio

  • Floor area: 70 sqm
  • Budget: £87,500
  • Average: £105,000
  • Good: £122,500
  • High quality: £140,000
  • Very high quality: £175,000

Small 3-bed semi

2 of a Kind self build semi detached by Robert Dye and Laura Murdock

Image: 2 of a Kind – Robert Dye – Laura Murdock. Photographer: Jefferson Smith/Media 10 images

  • Floor area: 85 sqm
  • Budget: £106,250
  • Average: £127,500
  • Good: £148,750
  • High quality: £170,000
  • Very high quality: £212,500