Japanese tea house-inspired extension in London
Japanese tea house-style extension

Japanese tea house-inspired extension

This stylish addition draws inspiration from Japanese architecture

By Hugh Metcalf |

As part of the refurbishment of a Victorian terrace in southwest London, Will Gamble of Will Gamble Architects proposed a twist on the popular Crittall-style look window, drawing on the idea of a Japanese tea house.

This has manifested itself as a rear extension with full height glazed screens, creating the gridded frame typical of a Shoji screen using fine steel-framed bars. This helps the simple, pared-back garden design, created by Garden Club London, become an integral part of the home, softening the dark materials and polished concrete floor. 

Japanese tea house-style extension

Photo: Ståle Eriksen

A modern bay window

The façade of the extension includes a stepped back portion, allowing for the creation of a contemporary window seat in the resulting bay. 

The bay window incorporates seating and hidden, built-in storage. Larch boards have been charred in the style of traditional Japanese technique yakisugi, preserving the natural grain of the wood while creating a striking jet-black colour and tactile texture. 

exterior roof with bay window of modern extension - grand designs

Photo: Ståle Eriksen

Luxury detailing

A new kitchen space has been housed in the extension, designed in collaboration with the interior design practice, Smith & Butler Design. Muted colour offers a softer contrast to the concrete and wood, while marble surfaces and brushed brass metal hardware elevate a feeling of luxury. There’s a large, frameless roof light overhead to add to the space’s natural light. 

Paired back kitchen in a Japanese tea house-style extension

Photo: Ståle Eriksen

Bespoke oak joinery

In the existing property, full height oak joinery also hides away another small kitchen space, used as a speakeasy bar for entertaining in the reception room. Clad in green leather, another skylight has been used to bring light into both these spaces. 

pocket door with entertaining bar in reception room - extension - grand designs

Photo: Ståle Eriksen