A quarter century of architectural excellence

A holistic approach, attention to detail and a slew of awards – one UK architect is flying the flag with a new office in LA

Promotional Feature By Chanelle Moult | 6 January 2020

Meet the architects responsible for turning their clients’ dreams into a reality. With almost 30 years’ experience, Gregory Phillips Architects is a case study in how to deliver a clients’ wishes with a fresh and unique approach – these are harmonious homes that stand out from the pack…

Rear elevation of modern house with open plan dining area

Holistic homes

When planning a large project, perhaps a major refurbishment or the construction of the house of your dreams from the ground up, there are many obstructions to be negotiated. Some are unavoidable – planning, expense, materials – but some can be swerved from the start. The key? Picking an architect that will listen to your ideas and deliver them.

Gregory Phillips Architects has been turning their clients’ concepts into incredible homes since 1991. The UK-based company has recently opened their first overseas office in Los Angeles – testament to the reputation and cabinet full of awards they’ve built up. Fittingly, many of their UK projects cleave closely to an iconic Californian look that has always proved desirable if not always achievable domestically – until Gregory Phillips found a way to weave that timeless style into the UK environment.

Modern extension to traditional house