Why your home renovation deserves an architect

Home renovation projects require designs, planning and more – here’s how an architect can help guide you through the process.

Promotional Feature By Andrew Emery | 15 April 2021

Get designs, guidance and budget-planning help.

Major home renovations are full of obstacles. Designs, planning, contractors, materials, project management, it can add up to a headache. Which is why many people are turning to architects to help them…

rear of traditional home with modern extension open to patio area

Image: AYH-IYH

A helping hand

While many people are adept at managing their home renovation or conversion, for others the very idea of taking control of every aspect of a project from beginning to end is a nightmare – especially when there’s considerable structural or planning work involved.

From initial thoughts to firm designs, submitting plans for the necessary permissions, sourcing both contractors and materials, and then the living Tetris-puzzle that is project managing, there is a lot to consider. Budgets frequently spiral and get out of control, even with a built-in buffer. It’s no surprise that thousands of people lean on architects to help them, but what kind of assistance can they get?

open plan living area with mezzanine

Photo: AYH-IYH

Navigate the minefield

Architect Your Home are aware of the minefield that conversion and renovation can be and have developed an approach that will guide you through it. This is true whether you want end-to-end service on your home project or just a bit of a helping hand on a particular aspect.

Their experts will help you translate your ambitious home plans to paper, for an idea of how it will truly look, and can problem-solve as they go. They can then take this and turn it into submittable plans so you can get those all-important permissions.